Sunday, February 13, 2011

just everywhere right now

Things these past two weeks have been crazy. I have been constantly busy and just doing random stuff. Our coach keeps giving us stuff to do and takes up so much time. Like last night we had to go watch Invictus and then had a discussion about it then this morning we did community service. I really dont mind doing community service and I actually kind of enjoy it but its just been so much goin on right now.

Im so glad this week is over after having to deal with a macro-economics test which I know I did horribly on but im just happy its over. On top of all this, is training everyday which is getting harder each practice. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we do our fitness. Mondays are relatively easy then Wednesdays are the hardest and Friday is pretty hard as well. Wednesday we did 2x300 (yards), 4x200, 6x100, 8x50, and 10x20 then Friday we did 4 sets of 10x50. These are all timed as well so we if we dont make it under the time then we have to do more. On wednesday we didnt make a 300 so we did an extra one and on friday we didnt make one so we did an extra. This running is called sprint program which is supposed to help us with our recovery time. I guess its starting to help from doing it for about 3 weeks now but its getting old fast lol

Oh last weekend I went out for the first time this semester (lame I know but Ive been tired as shit this semester so I normally stay in and watch a movie or play Fifa lol) So went out Friday to my teammates place which was fun then Saturday went to this girls house that likes me. I really dont know if I should tell her its not gonna work out cause of the obvious reason but I feel like she is wanting me bad and her roommates are even tellin me to hookup with her. But she helps me with school stuff and I dont want that to effect things. Shallow I know but no lie she is the coolest girl at my school and I really like hangin with her but she is trying too hard to get attached. Back to the we ended up goin to another party and came back to her place with some other couples. There were 6 of us and all coupled so kind of weird. We just watched a movie and her fuckin dog ended up pissing on my jacket!! I was soooo heated. It was my new Polo puffy jacket I got for Christmas and I washed it the next day but it kind of ruined it. It did something to the puffy stuff on the inside of my jacket. It sucked and kind of ruined my buzz. THEN last night I go out again and ended back up at her place cause she was having a party. This time I took my 3 roommates cause she invited all of us and to try to avoid anything with her which didnt work cause she tried rapin me last night hahha jk but she got me in her room and locked the door, twice! I got out of the situation and didnt do anything with her but she was tryin soooo hard to get me to do stuff. I ended up leaving and sayin we were goin to another party but she kept callin me and askin for me to come back which I didnt do. I talked to my roommate who knows and wasnt sure what I should do. He said just talk to her and tell her that I dont want to ruin the relationship with doing stuff. I might just do that I guess.

Thats about it for now. It was a solid night last night and just woke up at 1:30 :/ its all good though and might go run or something. It feels real good outside and I need to take advantage of it...Things are good with my roommate btw. Idk but we started talking like nothing happened but he would just say that I was being quiet last week which was retarded cause I can tell when he is mad and he clearly was pissed at me lol its whatever now though.

Hope everyone is doing good! take it easy


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  2. hey socrkid17, I hope this doesnt sound like stalker-ish or anything. But would it be okay to talk to you through email or something like that?

    and glad that you and your rommate are good again.

    And I also need some advice on fitness and stuff you know. hahaha.

    take care

  3. man we've both been pissed on this week what bad luck lol. wow she locked the door eh, she wants your D really bad hahaha

  4. Well you could tell her the dog didn't give his approval of your relationship as he pissed on and ruined your jacket!! She'll choose the dog over you!! ;-) (sorry about your jacket)

  5. socrkid: You must be quite the stud with a gal locking you in her room and trying to get it on with you. Best not to lead her on, especially if you want to maintain a friendship with her. She will catch on soon enough your lack of interest, then will think something it wrong with her. If you value her as a friend as you seem to do, just tell her your little secret.

  6. In the mid-1970's while I was in college a girl I liked as a friend liked me for something more. I did the wrong thing...we got married, had a family and looked "normal"...all the while living a lie and in the end hurting a wonderful woman because I couldn't maintain interest sexually and with true emotions. Please, for your sake and hers, don't lead her on to believing there is something more than friendship. Fortunately you are truer to yourself than I was with myself for 50 years. You need to tell her. Some ideas: Together go to a neutral site (like a restaurant)where you can both feel comfortable. Do it on a weekday like Monday or Tuesday to give you both time to process before the weekend. Maybe even talk to your mom about what you want to do (I'm not sure I would include the locked in the bedroom part.) If you need support, let your roommate know you want to talk to him after you have told her. If you think this girl will be vendictive and out you to others and your team before you're ready, you may need to simply break off the friendship. Good luck...usually doing the right thing is the best thing.

    P.S. I never reffed college soccer, and given your workout regimen, know there is no way I would have kept up with players at your level. Hopefully you'll have a game soon to enjoy the benefits of all that running!

  7. i'd probably lock you in a room and have my way with you too.