Wednesday, December 1, 2010

some jams

Things haven't gotten any better or worse I guess since I told my sister. I haven't talked to her much or seen her either. We text back and forth but about completely random things. I have been thinking about talking to her again about the thing but not sure how to bring it up or if I want to bring it up if its already blown over.

I do want to say thanks for all the support I have been getting throughout this blog. Everyone's comments really mean a lot to me. This blog has helped me express my thoughts and gain support for the issues I have dealt with.

I thought I would add some music to my blog since its a pretty big part of my life. Whenever I'm feeling down or whatever, I throw some music on and chill. Whenever I'm getting ready for a game, I listen to music to get me focused. I don't have too much variety but I just listen to what I like. The play-list doesn't have any particular order of songs but I just threw it together. Let me know what you think and if you have similar likings or suggestions for me.

Later people!


  1. Like the music add. I think your sister will come back to you. It has not blown over so to speak. I think she is digesting everything. Ultimately I think she will begin a dialog with you about it. You have done nothing wrong. You are just being honest. You will be happier in the long run, believe me!!

  2. Im liking the beats you put together. Most of them are songs about life, which is pretty damn relevant in your case right about now.

    You are a brave guy for being able to go through this. The worst part is, you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Be patient with your sister and I cross my fingers with time, she will come to accept you for who you are.

    Perhaps you could write a letter to your sister? That is what I would do in your case. Let her know how long you have been wanting to come out to her. You came out to her because you look up to her, trust her and respect her opinion. You could ask her what her views on gays are. Or maybe she is 100% cool with gay people and she is just being standoffish because she needs time to soak everything in.

    Everyone has their own way of handeling issues. In your sisters case, she can't go to any of her friends for support so she is trying to deal with it alone. I isolate myself when issues are too much for me to handle so its nothing unusual. She may even be doing her own research on homosexuality, you never know. My brother was doing that when I initially came out to him. Be there for your sister and give her as much support and time she needs.

    I wish you and your sister only the best!

  3. Can't hear the music,, the sound card on this pc has fucked out. Don't worry about your sister.. give her time... best thing you have done is to start the voyage of discovery on the out-side.. hang in there.


  4. Hey Man. I'm new to the whole blogging world but as a closeted bi guy I totally relate to you. Just wanted to tell you keep going. I told two friends last year and it went well but now I am just in limbo.

    As for music it is a huge part of my life. With a secret like ours I sometimes just have to put my head phones in and listen to music to let myself express my emotions.
    Anyways stay strong man and good luck.