Tuesday, August 31, 2010

week in review

Not much has happened. Especially with the tennis kid :( haha I think he dropped the class cause he hasnt showed up since the first day. I did see him Saturday night at a party but didnt talk. Just random eye contact throughout the night. Im awful with signals. Cant tell if someone is looking at me cause they want to hookup  or cause my zipper is down. Every time I see someone look at me, I look down to make sure I dont have stains or anything on me. This school year, seems like people are staring more. I might be paranoid but both me and my roommate noticed it. Kind creeps me out.

On the soccer side of things, I sprained my ankle last Tuesday at practice and have been out since. It swelled up really bad and turned all sorts of colors. Been doing treatment for it everyday and now Im getting back into things.  Yesterday was the first time for cutting and sprinting. It sucked cause we had a game Friday night which I had to sit out and our team lost. Thats the one thing I hate, is having to sit on the bench of a soccer game while we are losing. It suckkkssss!! But we have a game tomorrow which is the first game of the season. Im feeling great today so there is a chance of me playing. My coach told me today I have to do some agility things in order to play so hopefully that goes well.

Other than that, not much is going on at the moment. Still closeted and just hangin out. There have been several instances this past week where I was going to tell my roommate/teammate about my secret but just couldnt bring myself to do it. Maybe soon though??

Well, make the most of today cause tomorrow is never promised. Stay positive :)


  1. Don't force yourself to come out. Time is on your side. Do it when it feels right to do it and not because you feel like you're supposed to do it...

  2. yes i know, im just gettin the feelings that i want too really bad but when its time too, i just cant bring myself to say it

  3. I have the same issues when I am at a party. If I catch an individual staring at me, I immediatly think its due to something bad. Like theres something on my shirt, in my teeth or what not. Maybe they just like what they see dude!
    I hope that ankle recovers quickly, your team needs you! I cant wait till Oct. 23rd :) See you in action lol
    Like Blurred said, just relax and tell someone when YOU feel ready.

  4. Haha Im glad Im not the only one who checks them-self when they see someone staring. But cant wait til the 23rd either!! :)

  5. The looks are cause you're hot! There's not a thing wrong with you. enjoy it and if it's a hot guy looking, make eye contact and smile... it may lead to something else ;)

  6. goodluck!,and hope your team wins!!!

  7. d- i sure hope thats the reason lol

    mac callister-thanks!!