Thursday, August 19, 2010

school is back in session

Back to normal school days :( Why cant I just come to school and play soccer? Things would be so much easier!!

So my classes are all pretty cool. Teachers arent too bad. Thinking this semester should be a good one! But got a lil situation in one of my classes. Could potentially be good or could just be nothing. In my micro-economics class there is this kid that sits right next to me. This kid I have seen around school and he is an international student on the tennis team. I always thought he was different and kind of cute. Like last year I would catch him staring or we would make eye contact for somewhat long distances. But he came in to class late and sat right next to me! And our teacher had like a presentation today so he turned off the lights so we could see the screen better. Anyways, I was leaning back in my chair and the kid did the same. Throughout the presentation, he just kept grabbing his dick and like adjusting and stuff. There were people all around us so normally I would think you would try to be discreet about it. Thats what I do at least. And for how much he was adjusting, there had to be something down there. I wouldnt of mind to take a look but he didnt ask haha jk ;) And during this he like moved his knee to where is was touching mine. I might be hoping these are signs but it just doesnt seem normal to do that stuff. Im not friends with him on facebook and Im debating whether to add him but I dont know. Any suggestions or ideas to what the kid might of been hinting at?

And this is a clip that was shown in the presentation. I thought it was awesome and hilarious. Had the whole class laughing so thought I would share!


  1. he's creeping on you! he's totally trying to feel you out! that's my move

  2. haha thats what im thinking!! just trying to confirm too see if i was right

  3. Dude "D" is so right. Heres my input: This guy likes more then tennis balls if you feel me...If he followed you and sat in the exact same position you were, that was his first sign of getting your attention. Now that he had it, he started rubbing his crotch and what not to see how much/often you would glance over. Did you guys make eye contact when he was rubbing his dick? Idk if you did or not but this dude is def. trying to see if your into it. And then the leg touching! Bingo! If you didnt move your leg right when they touched, then he knows he got it. Smart kid too for sitting right next to you....what a councidence *cough cough* WHY DOSEN'T THIS STUFF HAPPEN TO ME??!!! UGH

  4. If this is the same dude who was staring at you last semester then there's no doubt this dude's looking for some help making those adjustments. Even if it's a different dude, like everyone else has said he's looking to play and the ball's on your half the of the court. The leg touch is a classic move.

  5. louis CK is my absoluteeeee fav that guy is fuckin hilarious - GIVE IT A SECOND... ITS GOING TO SPACE!!!

    Man I love that kinda stuff like with ur dude in class, always wonder if it's a coincidence or if he's really testing the waters. Hard to say judging by the info but could go either way... a facebook add can't hurt tho, might as well. You already somewhat know the guy so I dont think it would be weird.

    Remind me later to tell u a story about guys who give off hints, I got a good one haha

  6. Don't be so slow, I would say eye cotact and a smile would be good when he's adjusting the package. Ask him if he wants to meet up for a beer some time... make progress.

  7. Average-hahahahahah, I hope he does like more then tennis balls! All signs had me going too! He just seems like he could be gay. I never really see or hear him hooking up with girls at partys so never know. And he would be even luckier to sit next to you :) It will happen soon enough!

    RJ-Yeah this is the same dude. I havent seen that kid at all yet but this tennis guy is better looking anyways. The leg thing through me off cause he didnt like say sorry or anything and it was like a hold too!

    Blurred-haha I will try!

    Taylor-I have never heard of him but that shit was hilarious!! That part was funny. And next time Im on a plane, Im gonna throw my hands up and act like im on a rollercoaster lol This stuff has never happened before and I dont want to be the weird one and try to act up on it if he didnt mean anything. Maybe he had an itch and maybe his leg just slipped and moved a lil. I dont know but im kind of nervous lol If I see him tomorrow at a party I will or I might wait til Tuesday to talk to him or something then add him. And I want to knoww!!!

    Hotbodz-Im gonna make some actions that he might catch. Probs just try to start a conversation and see if he is interested. Dont want to make something if he didnt mean anything with his actions.

  8. Definitely add him. You know him well enough, I doubt he'll think it's creepy. are lucky to have at least ONE possible hang out buddy. I got nothin goin for me right now :(

  9. Allen-Im thinking Im just gonna add him on Tuesday after class or something. Gonna try to make conversation to see where it goes from there. But your the one who already had a bf! haha