Saturday, June 26, 2010


So I'm sure you all know that the United States men's soccer team made it to the round of 16. They did it in dramatic fashion as well! It was such a good game to watch and Im so happy that they ended up winning. Now they play tomorrow against Ghana. Its going to be a good game for sure. I honestly dont know who will win. It better be USA though!!

Yesterday I took my lil bro to see The Karate Kid and it was freakin sick! I had no idea it was going to be as good as it was. Definitely better than the original in my opinion. I dont want to ruin the movie just in case yall see it, but the fight scenes are really intense. Had a really good message to the movie as well. It had two but kind of similar to me. "Life can knock you down but you can choose whether or not to get back up" and "Never say never." 

Thats about it for now. I apologize for my awful writing btw lol. I read other blogs and they are such well written and Im so jealous! Like I said previously, Im not of a writer :/ Anyways...Goooooooo USA!!!! :)


  1. Sorry about the USA man, was a fast and exciting game. Watched Brasil/Portugal live here in our Stadium in Durban (my home town South Africa) on Friday.. atmosphere has been electric and we are building up for the Netherlands game here tomorrow. Dave

  2. I just read a blog in which a boy around your age took his little brother (who is 14 y.o. and gay) to see Karate Kid 2 yesterday. He hated the movie and said it was one of the worst he's ever seen. I'm struck by the parallel: str8 older bro, gay younger bro: hated it; gay older bro, str8 (?) younger bro: loved it.

  3. I knew the US wouldn't make it far... I've been rooting for Brazil! They kicked some ass today! I always wanted a little brother to take to movies and shit... my parents would always tell me to just look in the mirror... wtf? haha

  4. @D&L ya it sucks but whatever i guess, we have 4 years to get better :)

    @ironknee thats pretty ironic but for sure trust me, it was sooooo sick!! lol i recommend it and if you dont like it, blame the other kids still lol

    @couldthisbeit yeah i figured that as well but Im kind of pissed cause they had the easiest bracket, then everything went there way in order to make it to the quarters but they blew it. And not sure how lookin the mirror would do anything lol