Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back after a break

Well well well... I took a break from blogging just for personal reasons. I guess its mainly cause I havent had much to say. Nothing really popping off in my life lately.

These summers nights have consisted of chilling and drinking with friends. We just hang out at someones house and play beer pong or whatever. I love the feeling of being here with my friends. Its weird though. I always wonder if I will keep in touch with these people. I have a core group of like 10 that are always together. Like when we are all done with college, are we going to talk still? I know facebook helps to keep in touch but I wonder if will will "BFF" lol... But last week I went to the Drake concert. It was my first time going to a concert so I didnt know what to expect. It was so sickkk! I had a great time with my friends. He is one of my favorite rappers so it was awesome to see him live.

This coming Thursday is my first soccer game for my old team. Im kind of nervous since I havent played with these guys in a year. I know we have all been to school but hopefully I didnt get worse or anything. I just hope we win so our coach doesnt kill us or anything. He is dick to us. (He is very good looking though :) )

Thats about it really. I will try to blog again soon. Thanks to all those who do blog though. Even though I havent blogged, I still read those who do! Its awesome to know there are others out there like me. Gay Footballer might be the closest since he plays soccer though lol. Well keep blogging everyone!!


  1. Glad to see that you're enjoying your summer. It's hard to keep up with friends after school is over and careers and family start but you can do it.

    What kind of team are you playing with in the summer? A local adult league or something more serious?

  2. ah the minor crush on coach... been there haha