Wednesday, June 23, 2010

probs the longest post ever

Sooooooooooo...this is long overdue but I have just been so busy with summer! New job and friends and working out for soccer occupies 99% of my time. I have no idea where the other 1% goes. Time flies during the summer!!

Where to start?? Ummmmm. Well I was going to come out to my best friend but didnt :( This was about a week ago before he went back for summer school. We are basically attached at the him. His house is my second home so we are always together. And for some reason when I was thinking about telling him, we were always alone together! It was like a sign to tell him. Cause normally we are with our friends but during the day our other friends had work so we would just hang out. But I really thought I was going to go through with it. One night about 1 in the morning, I even sent him a text saying I had to tell him something. He didnt reply cause he was a sleep but the next day he didnt bring up the text until we were with his mom. I didnt think that would be the best time to come out to him so I was just like I will tell you later. I wish he would of asked again what it was but he didnt. I couldnt bring myself to tell him out of the blue. Its such a freakin hard thing to talk about. "Hey dude, I like guys." That would be would so awkward to say to my best friend!!!! I wish there was some other way to tell him. Anyways, he is back at school and Im still in the closet :/ Its whatever though because if I told him, I would feel obligated to tell our other good guy friend cause us three dont really keep secrets. (My case is a lil different though) So its all water under the bridge as of right now. Try not to think about it so I dont get worried about it.

Next subject: My job... So I got this job at an indoor sports facility place. Its pretty sweet really. Its has 12 basketball courts, an indoor soccer field, workout center, and batting cages. What I do is work an all day sports camp. We just play sports literally all day. From 8:30 am to about 5:30ish pm. We play dodge-ball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, wiffle ball, football, capture the flag, really any type of game. Its basically and all day recess for kids and really all day recess for me lol. I get paid to play sports with little kids. Its sooooo much fun. I love playing different sports and I love kids too so probably the best job for me. Im pretty good with kids and the kids love me. Probably the best counselor there I must say :) Its awesome playing soccer with them. I get carried away though sometimes. The kids tell me not to play so hard but I dont like losing lol. I dont like get physical and push kids, its just I mess with them by doing moves. Its funny watching them trying to get the ball too. Another thing about this camp is the silly bandz!!! If you havent heard of these things, you must be living under a rock. Every camper has them. (for people who dont know what they are; its just a rubberband thats is shaped as an object like an animal or car or shoe. anything really) But these bandz are serious business at my job. They trade them to each other and its funny how the deals go down. Like there are sparkly ones, normal ones, tie-dye, and glow in the dark. You cant trade a normal one for a glow in a the dark cause thats a dumb trade apparently to the kids. I have my own of course and I get in on these trades. I got made fun of for trading a 5 color spider for a yellow camel :( lol But its just funny. I absolutely love this job! Except a kid got sick and puked everywhere today :/

Now to some random things that have happened. Most recent was last night. I was accused of being a man-whore!!! WTF!! I have never had a girlfriend let alone sleep with a girl lol. But we were at our friends house just a group of like 7 of us drinking and stuff. Turned out to be one loud ass argument the whole night though. I was dieing laughing the whole time. The discussion was why should a gf&bf break up now or wait til the end of summer before they go to college. This whole thing turned the guys against the girls. I lead the guys (ironic) and some girl lead the girls lol. But I was just saying they would wait cause the guy would want to have sex during the summer. The girls completely disagreed but all the guys agreed with me. I was saying a guy would have more sex if he went out with a girl for a year rather then being single for a year. All they guys agreed but they girls didnt. I may be gay but I know how a guy thinks. The guys had my back as I argued cause they all agreed. It was funny cause when I was arguing, the girls were like "You know what, I always thought you (talking to me) would be the best boyfriend. But now I just see you as a man-whore." LOL!! I was cracking up inside. Im the nice guy I guess compared to my friends (might be cause im gay) but the them thinking I would be the best bf then sayin Im a man-whore and dont respect women. Never slept with one but apparently I am. Go figure lol.

Ummmmmm...What the hell is goin on with the World Cup?!! This thing is absolutely crazy. Teams that should win have lost and teams that should of lost have won. The biggest upset for me was the Spain game where they lost 1-0 in their opener. Im pulling for them cause I love the way they play. Such a classy style of soccer. Other game that almost killed me was the US game. Wanted to kill that ref lol Seems like a lot of people did. What an idiot! He doesnt even know what the call was to call the goal back. I was yelling so loud at the TV when it happened. Im for sure waking up in the morning to watch their final group match. If they win they are through. They should win. If they dont, they dont deserve to go to the next round. Other thoughts about the world cup...there are some good looking guys. Im loving the New Zealand and Australian teams :) I cant even pick the hottest guy out there cause there are so many.

Well, I know it was a lot and good job if you read it all!! It was a lot of pointless stuff that is filling my life right now.  Hopefully the US wins in the morning. Im gonna try to post more often. I have been thinking a lot about this whole gay thing but just been bottling it up. Need to get back to blogging my emotions out. Gonna get to bed now so laterzzzz


  1. woohoo I read the whole thing, what's my prize?

  2. Weird, almost the same thing happened to me before I came out. I'm referring to your man-whore story by the way. And that's awesome that you have a job that you love so much. I'm still trying to find one, haha.

  3. The World Cup of course is happening in my home town.. the footballers are awesome.. have posted some pics of the hot ones on my blog at and You need to pluck up the courage to tell your best friend soon. You will see it will be fine.


  4. @Taylor ummm, you might get a pic of me :) it will actually look a lot like yours probably lol

    @Ikaika its weird that we are the ones called the man whores. i was laughin so loud when she said that too me and hope you find a job. you will, just have to keep lookin

    @Dave and Llew That would be so sick to be in SA right now. I bet its a constant party. I will find the courage. Just will take some time. I wont see him til next summer anyways so I got time

  5. OK so you've never had sex with a girl. Have you had sex with a guy ?

  6. wow you play all day a and get paid with it,you really have the best job!

    and goodluck with your coming out with ur bestfriend,hope you'll find the right time.




    In other news not happy about u lot winning the group means we get Germany :(.

    Glad to hear you'll be blogging more though :)

  8. @Scott I have not had sex with a girl or guy. I have done more stuff with a guy though.

    @Mac Callister Yeah I was shocked the first day on the job. I couldnt believe I was going to get paid for doing that and thanks!

    @Gay Footballer It might of been a bad trade, but a camel has more meaning to me...even though I just got a yellow camel for free today :( lol Yeah Im happy we won and glad yall got 2nd. Im just mad yall didnt get 4th :) haha Ghana will still be a difficult game though

  9. Well it will happen when it happens ....