Friday, July 2, 2010

an idol

So someone I look up to in the gay community is Gareth Thomas. He is a Welsh rugby player who is openly gay. He came out last December and is the only professional athlete out and still active. Rugby is not the most gay-friendly sports and Thomas seems to fit right in as being gay. I guess it helps being one of the greatest Welsh rugby players but I think there is some progress being made. 

I found out about Gareth Thomas a couple months back and thought it was so cool he was out and still playing. I read a couple things about him and what he has accomplished. Its amazing how much he has done in the sport of rugby. It would be awesome if an American athlete came out but Im not sure when that will happen. I think if a football player came out, it would change some attitudes or at least show the fans true attitudes towards a gay athlete.

Gareth Thomas had an interview for HBO Real Sports and I watched it today. It aired I think 2 weeks ago but finally found alone time to watch it. It was awesome! Makes me like him even more. Here is a clip of the interview below. I recommend other athletes watching it.


  1. i think reading the news of him coming out ultimately led to my coming out just recently. i read his news in dec, i searched him on google, i stumbled on outsports, then from there i found out about mikey's blog and from his blog i found other very interesting bloggers who have shared their coming out stories which inspired me to also come out (at least to one very "interesting" person so far). and gareth is kinda hot too, category 1 for me at least. =P

  2. I read about him a while ago. :) It's kinda cool that he has his head so steadily on his shoulder as he march through this.

  3. @Joey, ya I feel I want to start the processing of coming out after hearing his story and agree on the looks too! lol

    @Aaron it really is cool he has been able to keep his head so coolly through all this. especially being a national icon for wales

    @Mac Callister indeed!