Wednesday, May 12, 2010

summer summer summer

So far this summer has been awesome. It might be just because I'm not having to go to class and I'm home, but doesnt matter since Im having a blast. The only negative is that I have been busy with something all the time. I guess I cant complain though since Im enjoying it. Dont get much alone time cause I with my friends all the time too. Love that though since I havnt seen them in a while. And I get to play soccer and workout everyday when I want. The freedom of summer is the best feeling!!

Tonight I went to the dollar theater with some friends (and it was 50 cent Tuesdays so it was even better!! lol) But we saw "She's out of my League." It was freaking awesome. I love comedy movies and this one was much better than I expected. The funny thing was that I could relate to some of the things have happened to the main guy. So many awkward situations between the guy and the girl during the "sexy" parts that made it hilarious. Would for sure recommend the movie if your a comedy lover like myself.

That's about it really since haven't done much besides play soccer, workout, and hang with friends. Nothing interesting to report on but will post later on in the week.


  1. Glad your summer is going well man! I'm jealous. You serious? 50 cent for a movie? wow I want to move there. lol. Have a good one man.

  2. hmm i wonder if they have dollar thatres here in toronto...
    cuz back in LA i went to one n it reeked o piss n it was just not a very feiendly-looking place. hence y its dollar theatre i guess.