Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Robbie Rogers is the man

if you haven't read one of the newest articles about Robbie Rogers yet, you should check it out. it's awesome Robbie finally did an interview and explained the situation even more...

it's safe to say, i wish he was my boyfriend though. he is mad good looking, a soccer player, has style, and he doesn't sound gay - just from those qualities, we are a match-made in heaven... (a heaven where being gay is cool with the Big Man though)

linked them in the big-capped 'article' word for yall haha
- this ARTICLE is from the Guardian in London and has a video-interview which was cool

- this ARTICLE is from the New York Times. it's okay but pretty vague compared to the Guardian one.


  1. Thanks for sharing, man. Great video. Agreed, def hot and seems like a down-to-earth guy. You're gonna have to fight me for him, though. In all seriousness you should write him, he said in the vid that he hasn't heard from any players who are also gay.

    And the Big Man is definitely cool with us being gay. After all, he created us.

  2. great interview. he is an extremely sensible and thoughtful man. and yes, i love his clothing line haha