Monday, April 29, 2013

history has been made today

if you haven't seen or heard or read anything about it, here it is - the article that was published by Sports Illustrated. Jason Collins came out and is the first American athlete to come out in one of the four major sports.

personally, i never knew or even heard his name before this article. that has changed completely now. i have a huge amount of respect for this man and i hope him the best in signing with a team to continue his career.


  1. You're right. Jason Collins deserves not only the admiration and gratitude of gay men, but being both black and gay, the same level of respect accorded the most applauded advocates of social equality.

  2. Hopefully this is the start of more guys like him to break down the stereotypes.

  3. it's great that i always get these kind of updates from your blog and soundtrack :) window to the gay athletic world

  4. This is so awesome man, especially for you as a college athlete. What have your friends been saying about this and Robbie Rogers? And how about Rogers training with the LA Galaxy on Tuesday?

  5. I love your gay blog and this post about Jason Collins.

    I added it to my blogroll on Can you add a reciprocal link?