Monday, April 15, 2013

marathon monday

i was gonna post how great my Monday has been being that i finally finished my so-called 'hell week' which included way too many papers, projects, cases, presentations, and tests. but as i got back from lifting and in the middle of literally 'suiting' up for my investments presentation, i noticed the "Breaking News" headline that was flashing across the screen.

my tv was on and set to CNN in order to be ready for the Robbie Rogers interview with Anderson Cooper once i got back from class that was originally supposed to air tonight. instead, it has been a constant flow of news coverage of the horrible act of violence against those in Boston - or against America as a whole.

from the time i left my room after seeing the news, i was trying to stay up to date with news throughout my class. though i dont know anyone personally who was running, i have friends living in the area of Boston. it just blows my mind to think someone would do such a thing. what would cause a person to want to hurt so many innocent lives? this goes for any horrific act against humans. i dont think there could be a reason that validates this type action that was taken. after seeing the graphic pictures that have been posted online, someone deserves a severe punishment - and i really do hope they find whoever was responsible for this act.

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  1. They will find the perpetrators. It's impossible to carry out such an attack without leaving a trail. It's only a matter of time.