Sunday, November 11, 2012

mad powerful.

i always check huffingtonpost to see what the latest gay news is and love reading articles like these... thought i would share:


  1. Some interesting, if politically irrelevant, trivia: in 1936 when, I think, Security was enacted, the average life expectancy of white males in the the US was about 58 and that of females was north of 62. That made it pretty easy to provide retirement benefits starting at age 65. Today for white males it is over 78, with females proportionately higher. You understand what that does to the actuarial calculations! That added to the fact that the government "borrows" every cent out of the SS Trust Fund as soon as it comes in underlines the challenge which your generation, and a couple ahead of you, face in getting real reform through to make our public and private retirement systems both vviable and meaningful. Enough ranting.
    Sorry about the way the soccer season turned out. You said you were frustrated a few weeks ago and it must have been difficult to see the end of your college career go down with a whimper. Did you go to the school you attend because of the soccer program?
    I'll leave you alone now to finish that paper. It is very hard to write about something so dry, but with the deadline approaching, I am confidant you will rise to the occasion. BTW, I enjoy reading your writing.

  2. Oops, Sorry, that ended up under the wrong post, but it sounds like you are procrastinating....

  3. @olderbutnosmarter that is interesting and im sure it will cause problems for my generation in the future. but i got recruited for soccer then the major i chose made the school more appealing to me. not sure if it was all worth it though unfortunately...and yeah, ive procrastinating bad haha still have nothing written