Sunday, November 25, 2012


  1. Glad you had a good thanksgiving. Christmas is a wonderful time, despite all the commercialism.

  2. Good job on the paper and good luck with your exams. At least you get them out of the way before your Christmas break. I always came back from the break to exams, both in college and law school. That was inhumane.

    That's a lot of driving but you're young. Someone in my family who went to UNC once drove from Chapel Hill to Atlanta to pick up a puppy (a mutt no less) and drove back to CH the same day, and then home to CT the next day. I don't think the puppy ever recovered.

    Keep your edge for another ten days and then enjoy yourself. Have fun in Alabama and a great time at home with your family.

  3. Socrkid.....It's W from the great white north again (aka Canada). Just wanted to say that your post about Christmas and the malls and the shopping and giving gifts and the last minute decision for the right gift - made me smile.

    Btw, you will notice that when I get into my responding to blog mode, my writing is very "non conforming" to any kind of higher level education's acceptability - visavis grammer, run ons, etc etc.....It's just my way of blurting out stuff...I think you "get it".

    I have had a really rough year - have lost both my parents this year (story for another day -maybe). It's a wierd holiday season upcoming up here for me. At first I thought I didn't want to celebrate Christmas. Then I decided I'm gonna force myself to do things, at least some stuff... I'm gonna try and put up lights at my place outside (don't even know if I have an outlet outside for lights) -it's an apartment/condominium, gonna do the tree I think, and want to try to go to a place that's close to my heart - where it's very wintery north of where I live.

    Anyways good luck with all your exams etc... as I said before, I'm very reflective lately - don't want to be too much - and I remember the whole exam ritual pre christmas etc in my years in college (it kind of was a rush to get er done and then remember going and Christmas shopping one night after alate in the day exam).

    Cheers dude, W