Thursday, October 18, 2012

its been 2 years!

yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of telling the first person (my roommate). its crazy to think its been so long and how much less stressful things have gotten. now im out to 10 teammates, my family of 5, 3 girls here on campus, and 9 friends from back home. i guess its not too many but its a lot more than what i had 2 years ago! haha

Hope everyone had a  good 'Coming Out' day! i told 2 teammates the day before and it went over good. honestly, i find the reactions to be the same and very positive. i feel like it brings me and the person much more closer than before which i like. so i guess what im trying to say is that if you are reading this and you havent told anyone, dont be afraid to. i know its a lot easier said than done but its worth the chance! the only bad reaction i had was from my sister in which she was fine with it but didnt want me to get shit for it at the same time. now, she is super chill with it. i find it fun to come out to people. their reactions of not believing me always cracks me. it takes some persuading for the person to believe it but its in good fun haha

also, thanks for the comments on the last question. that is pretty hot to think of Matt Bomer as a bottom lol its always so hard to tell positions for guys but i think its a lot hotter if the guy is versatile and switches with the partner. love is mutual and sex should be too!


  1. You're doing a good job buddy!

    Haha never heard of someone who thinks it's fun to come out lol. Altough now I'm thinking about it, apart from the real important ones (parents etc) wich were very stressy, those talks are indeed funny, with all those silly questions and surprised faces...

    Haha I slightly get the idea you rather wanted to know some hot and hunky guys are bottoming too, no?

  2. Socrkid: Look at you! You are doing awesome. Just compare the confident, positive and inspiring tone of your message today to the unsure and fearful one when you first started blogging. The transformation has been amazing. Being true to yourself has really unleashed your potential. I wish I could know you in real life.

  3. Good for you. You have done the hard part. From here on out, it should be a lot easier.

  4. I am new to the whole blogging scene and just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your posts. You are an incredibly cool human being.