Sunday, November 11, 2012

i hate writing

i've been sitting (with the exceptions of bathroom breaks, getting food, and napping) in the same place since 11am trying to write a paper in which i still have nothing down yet. its a 10 page paper for my Employee Benefits class over the retirement system in the US and then comparing it to two other countries retirement systems. needless to say, this fucking blows and i cant even think of anything to write. its due Friday and i've had it now for 3 weeks but i've really only just now got time to start on it.

this class is one that isn't my favorite. one thing that really upsets me about this class is that some of the information that im learning and someday will be helping people with, doesn't even apply to me or my future. things such as spousal IRAs and other joint retirement plans with a spouse dont apply to gay people. in the class, a joke was even made about this situation and it got a pretty good laugh from the students. of course i just sat there pissed off on the inside. i was gonna blog about it when it happened but things have just been too busy.

in other news:
-its fucking awesome about the progression for gay-marriage. it gives me a sense of hope in the future for our country leaning to acceptance. it would be way sick if one day, all of the 50 state allowed gay-marriage.

-i'm no longer a college soccer player. my season ended in the first round of our conference tournament in an unfortunate series of events. we lost in penalty kicks 4-3. i took mine and made it but our keeper had to save their next shooter in order to give us one more shot but it didnt happen. ultimately, it was a disappointing season for me. an on-going hamstring plagued my senior year which sucked. i only ended up with 2 goals and 4 assists which isn't up to par for my standards.

-i have less than a month til christmas break and i get to go home and spend time with my fam. i cant fuckin wait for that. i miss them and just being home... my mom came up for our game and spent a couple days up here. we went to Flemings steakhouse (it was banginggg) for her early birthday dinner and we discussed gay issues and how she felt about everything. it was awesome and i absolutely love her. i'm not even ashamed to say im a 'momma's boy' haha

thats about it, hope everyone is doing good! i guess i should try to get back to the paper... (if anyone knows any good info about retirement systems in the US, Australia, or Denmark or Netherlands, leave a comment with some thoughts) hahaha


  1. nice to hear an update from you! sorry your soccer season didn't end up how you wanted it. senior year is gonna go by quick though enjoy it while it lasts, even with the crap papers. keep us updated.

  2. This seems like a good starting place, maybe?:

  3. that sounds like an extremely boring paper.

    for australia, look up 'superannuation' and 'centrelink'.

  4. If you choose the UK for comparison, contact me as I will be able to answer questions.

  5. Can you compare the retirement systems of other countries versus the U.S. in regards to domestic partnerships? That may be something of interest for you since the topic makes you heated.

  6. Hey Kid! I bet the let down from the end of your college soccer career is starting to set in. It's natural for that to happen.

    On other things, don't be so sure about the spousal IRA. I predict that before you reach 30, the federal government will have some retirement benefits for same sex married couples.

  7. @madmanMD yeah time is really flying by! still have one more year though (unfortunately) because im getting my masters

    @Cravin thank you very much! haha this is a good starting point for sure

    @brotastic yeah from the research, ive been seeing those but still trying to figure out what they actually mean haha

    @Stephen okay, sounds good, thanks!

    @anonymous not for this paper, i wish i could though instead of just looking at retirement plans.

    @Robert yeah hopefully in the future, the system will change and include coverage for gay couples

  8. centrelink is basically social welfare. like if you don't work or something they try and find you employment and you can also get paychecks until you 'land on your own feet'. a lot of people just exploit it though. in slang its called 'the dole'. and we call those people 'dole bludgers'.

    superannuation is where a certain % of your pay is put into a fund that only becomes available to you after a certain age. the idea being that you have some money to live off after you've retired. its required by law.

  9. @brotastic ahhh okay. i was reading about them and thats what i thought they were. that makes sense then. seems like a decent idea of retirement. australia is like top 4 in the world for retirement systems! haha hope things been good with you man

  10. Socrkid: I wouldn't get too worked up over lack of spousal IRAs for gay couples, as long as each is working, they can open IRA under their own names.

    And who knows, by the time you get married (yes, it will happen), you might be living in state that allows same sex weddings. Or just move to one that allows it so you get equal treatment.

  11. Can we assume that, after all the fits and starts, the paper got done? May we also assume that it will get an A? Have a great Thanksgiving break and happy turkey day.

  12. Dude,

    I don't know if I've posted to your blog before or not. I had your blog bookmarked from some time ago and enjoyed reading the latest stuff.

    I guess I'm a 30 something dude from the great white north and being reflective and sentimental visavis your situation and my situation years ago.

    I'm rambling here, but just wanted to say how I like your writing style and what you have to say. Take care and good luck with that paper.

    Cheers, W

  13. FoC- yeah, im sure it will happen in the future, or at least i hope so haha

    olderbutsmarter- yeah, the paper got done. stayed up until 5am the night before it was due to put the finishin touches on it. i got an 89 on it which was okay. just kind of dumb since he didnt read all them (at least i dont think he did) because he had our grades back within 4 days from us turning them in. no way he graded over 30 people with 10+ pages in that short of time.

    W-thanks for the post man, glad you enjoy the non-conventional writing style haha