Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Question #7

Back to the questions in which I haven’t done in a while… but this is one I would love to actually have hard facts on and know what the truth is (doubt I will ever get it though)

So the question is… with the gay couples in Hollywood, who do you think the top/bottom is in the relationship? Or are the couples versatile? And when im talking couples, I mean the likes of Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and Matt Bomer and whatever gay celebrities there are out there.  And do you think these guys have sex a lot? haha

For some reason, this question really intrigues me and I would love to know the truth for some reason. Maybe im weird for having this thought when I see those guys, but I am gay and I would love to know who takes it and who gives it haha I wonder if Cooper has sex a lot, I mean he is single (I think) and is a super good looking guy so im sure he gets plenty of offers haha And which is the most hung you think? haha

Whats yalls thoughts on this question?


  1. Haha! I wonder that myself! who knows for sure, but I hear Matt Damon is a huge bottom. :-)

  2. Heard Matt Bomer is a bottom, but maybe both. And I'm pretty sure Anderson Cooper has a boyfriend that he's gonna marry soon...

  3. I think you have too much free time to let your mind wander like this. You should be thinking about all the cute guys around campus, not celebrities.

  4. haha I wouldn't know, sorry. But I admit it's something that I'm wondering about often too, about celebrities but even more about gay couples I know.

    It's something straight people ask me all the time too. Mostly not straight (haha) to the point but more like fishing for hints and in a beating around the bush way. Like 'so you do the laundry, are you the girl then'... sigh. Although there's some people who just ask frankly. Quite common too is people (most guys) who ask if 'it' hurts haha. Don't know what their intentions are to do with that information lol

    I used to get a little angry for it because I don't ask them if they bang their wife doggy style or things the like, and besides that none of us both is a 'girl'. But now I see it as a sign of being interested in our lives and mostly an attempt at understanding some things or adjust their own thoughts.

    Although I have to admit I seldom answer that question to the point too. Mostly I make some jokes or ask them what they think, causing them to turn purple and back off by fear of 'insulting' the one or the other haha...

    Oh and does the top/bottom question intrigues you too about the fellow bloggers? :-p

  5. Did you know about this soccer player who come out?

  6. The admittedly fake Internet photo of Matt Bomer makes him look pretty desirable in either mode. Maybe it's better to fantasize than to know. But if are you on a quest, why limit the inquiries to Hollywood types. What about all those star athletes, some of whom we know ate gay, who tantalize us with their Speedos and Lycra outfits; their football pants and yes, even soccer shorts. Which brings to mind the guy who plays soccer for a Div. 1 school in the South. Word on the street is that he has a stick better suited to a lacrosse goal and is as versatile off the field as he is on. Know anything about him?

  7. I am friends with a couple who had their own TV show. Both are bisexual. One came out publicly, the other did not. The one who came out is very masculine. He tends to prefer men. His partner is soft spoken and pretty. He tends to prefer women. Bottom line: Ya just can't tell. ;-)

  8. Matt Bomer is a bottom. Cooper seems versatile and so does Ricky Martin. I also wonder how much sex they have....