Wednesday, June 6, 2012

work, travel, and shit-updated with pics

updated it with some pics i took during my trips (they are at the bottom)...

things have for sure been pretty busy and will continue to stay busy since i just signed up for 2 soccer leagues to play in over the summer. One being an indoor league on Tuesday night (played last night and scored 5 of our 11 goals) and then the next starts Monday and will be played on Monday and Wednesday nights. Pretty stoked about it

Work has been okay. Just intern stuff. Some days I literally surf the web reading random news articles. yahoo and aol have been keeping me busy when i dont have shit to do. this past week Ive actually been learning someones desk cause the lady is taking vacation next week and im going to be doing her job. should be pretty fun and at least i'll be busy for the majority of the day.

The past couple of weekends have been pretty solid though. This past weekend I was at the beach. My friend from school has an internship and has a condo right on the beach for the summer. The drive is only 2 and a half hours so Ill def be going there almost every weekend haha I need to get some sun cause im real white! Over the weekend, I got pretty toasted though and now Im paying for it. The sunburn is was really bad since I didnt wear lotion which was an awful idea.

The weekend before the beach, I drove to DC. My brother was working up there and I also have a teammate that lives 20 from downtown so it worked out perfectly. I stayed with my friend F/S/S and on Friday night when we got there, we went to go play futsal (soccer on a basketball court) at like 11 at night at Kevin Durants highschool gym. It was pretty cool with the banners and pics of him there. The futsal was awesome as well. Then Saturday we walked around the Georgetown area which was awesome! I would love to live there after college. Very youthful and vibrant city. The shops around the city were mad cool then the river with the outdoor stuff was nice. There were so many people out running and on the river and sooo many goodlooking people! Saw some pretty decent guys running which was nice haha it was funny to cause my friend knows about me and would comment on them too with me. Then Sunday we walked around downtown DC and went to all the monuments and a couple museums. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, there were so many vets which was cool seeing them and just thinking about what they have done for us was humbling. I appreciate the servicemen so much. We went to the Spy museum but it was $20 to get in so we decided not to go but then went to the gift shop which where the exit was to the museum, so we waited for the security guard to leave then snuck in that way haha it was pretty cool and our hearts were racing from doing that.

Then I left Monday morning cause my mom flew to NC to see me and my brother was working again in the city so me and her hung out all day and did some shopping. She hooked me up with a few things then I took her to Ruth's Chris for dinner. I love that place and was my second time going with her. I told the people it was her birthday (its in november) but they put rose petals on the table and gave her a chocolate cake thing at the end of dinner. She loved it all and i paid since I got my first BIG paycheck the previous Friday (and this is why Im her favorite haha)

Thats about it really. Leaving tomorrow to go to Nashville because my older brother is getting married! Pretty excited about it and cant wait to see my fam and extended family members. Im sure it will be a good ass time.

-ps- watched Weekend on netflix (recommended by closet med in his blog) and it was such a fuckin good movie! im probs gonna watch it again next week. real good story and good portrayal of characters. i recommend for sure! ...also funny/awesome story since i use my best friends netflix account (basketball player friend), i asked him who else uses his account and he said a couple of friends and told him why I asked and stuff since i wanted to watch a gay movie, and he replied "to be honest i dont know who does, but you can watch it if you want to!" seeing that felt pretty good though

 the White House

 the reflecting pool with no reflection...they were redoing it because of a leak

 at the dinosaur exhibition in the Smithsonian

 Georgetown reminded me of Hogwarts

 the view form my friends balcony

 private beach chillin

 taken at night when me and my friend sat outside talking for like 2 hours

 leaving the island

 my friends puppy. the thing was fuckin doppee haha

 the steak at Ruth's Chris. it was amazing.


  1. I'm glad you are taking your tanning serious. Haha.

    Ruth Chris is totally awesome. I'm glad you like MEAT. haha

    Enjoy the wedding. You like that Big paycheck. Haha. Everyone loves payday.

  2. Ouch, apply aloe 3+ times a day. Same thing happened to me a month ago and I thought I could get away without putting on sunscreen...bad idea. lol
    That's awesome that you've been able to travel and check out new places...and sneak into shit haha
    Good luck with your internship bud and lots of fun with the soccer leagues. And congrats to your brother!

  3. Sounds like a good start to summer. So no news on meeting guys?

    Thanks for the update, we miss hearing from you.

  4. thanks for the recommend, just watched the movie was pretty good! have fun at the wedding!

    if you havent seen it yet, check out prayers for bobby. the whole thing is on youtube

  5. Sounds fun doing those soccer things, it'll be good counterweight for the boring internship... but maybe taking over that lady's job will be more fun?

    Red as a lobster, auch, that'll itch a lot I guess.

    Haha you cheap ass, sneaking in! But definitely more fun than bying a ticket lol.

    Seems like someone will be a romantic boyfriend in the future... rose petals really???

    Congrats to your brother!

  6. cash-hah im tryin man!

    friendly reader-i take the tanning real serious lol i always get shit for being so white in the lockerroom and the paycheck is always a good thing!

    AVG- yeah it wasnt good at all. im still somewhat red from it haha but thanks buddy!

    FoC-naw, no update on guys. im workin on changin it though

    TB- yeah ive seen that. thats a solid movie as well. i liked Shelter too

    Kevin-this past week was a bit better doing the ladys desk. i was actually somewhat busy haha but i didnt ask for the rose petals, they did it for me haha

  7. Nice pics and awesome view from your friends window!