Sunday, June 24, 2012

drake concert

so this past Wednesday I went to the Drake concert here in Raleigh and it was fuckin sick. he is my favorite rapper and has been for a while. he's humble, intelligent, a thug (some might disagree since he played a character in DeGrassi haha), and his lyrics are very chill. also at the concert was J.Cole, 2 Chainz, and Meek Mill. All of them absolutely killed it and the crowd was going crazy.

It was a decent crowd and since it was super hot out, a lot of the guys were shirtless which of course I didnt mind. the guys here in NC tend to be very fratty. Not a bad style but they all dress the same and have the same haircuts which is kind of weird i think. very conformal...also i was literally in the middle of a fight between these two girls that was so sick. it was crazy and i got pushed a couple times by the surrounding people but it was just mad funny watch this girl the slap these other two girls right across the face then pounce on top of her to take her to the ground. for sure the closest ive ever been to a fight.

well i have videos i was gonna put on here but they aren't working and really, the sound is shit since the bass was so intense at the concert so no worries then.

not video but decent sound quality...this is one my favorite songs by Drake too

same song but from another view. this is towards the back of the arena so you can see how many people were there. it was pretty dope

No Lie by 2 Chainz and Drake... this isn't my video but found it on youtube and this is actually really close to where i was sitting. i have a video but you cant hear anything from it


  1. drake is not a rapper in my opinion

    sounds like you had fun though

  2. haha whys that? what would he be considered?

  3. Les gens tristes sont tout à fait comme des oignons, ils pleurent en marchant sans s'en apercevoir. Soccer Jerseys

  4. what is that translation? haha

  5. frat boys? As long as they're not douche bags I'll trade you for whatever we got!!

  6. Tb-hahaha eh a good amount of them are unfortunately haha

    HuriKane- thats a stretch to consider a pop star. pop stars are like Carly Rae Jenson, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber. Drake does produce radio hits but thats a small number of songs compared to his mixtapes and albumbs

    Upskills- indeed he is