Monday, April 2, 2012

connecting the dots between bloggers

I've been debating to write about this or not but thought since its my blog and my personal journey and basically my journal, I might as well jot it down that way I can look back at it in the future...

So not sure if this is even supposed to be public or what not, but since it involved me somewhat in some manner, I'm gonna put my input in... Connecting the dots between Frat Star's weekly 'Frat Star Friday's' posting in Bi Like Me and my past with East Coast Closet Case, I could tell the hookup that is described in Frat Star's last post was between him and ECCC. I read this last Friday when he first posted it and thought about it to myself. I had a slight hesitation to think that this really couldn't be ECCC because the way he described his visit to Frat Star's local city was one that was average. I guess he made it seem like that to hide the fact that he hooked up with this dude. He told me how he brought his friends to Frat Star's place and said it was fun and I think that ECCC's friend that knows about him, made sure he didnt do anything with the guy being that she knew Frat Star's situation and how he is gay. Well clearly she either didn't do a good job of that or ECCC just didn't listen.

To be honest, I didn't care all that much. I mean me and ECCC aren't together and really aren't as close as what we used to be. I just think its funny how he tried to claim that I was already moving on by the other (joking) comments I put on other people's blogs but there he is fucking another blogger behind my back. (another thing I thought was funny was the linking to my blog in his posts to make me out to be the bad guy in the situation when I didnt do shit. this is just my personal view on it so might be wrong.) Then Friday night he texted me saying we needed to talk and I needed to call him. I knew what it was already about so I really didnt care to hear what he had to say. Maybe I should of given him a chance to explain his side but truthfully it doesnt fuckin matter what he has to say. He texted me saying it wasn't the whole story and he wanted to explain his side. I dont know what his side will do to persuade my thoughts about him but I doubt there is one.

Yeah I'm a nice guy and will do anything for almost anyone but when someone lies and then tries to confess to make things right, it really doesnt do much for me. Especially with someone I've trusted for a good amount of time like that. It's whatever though, I'm not even that mad, I just thought it was funny it was ironic like that...

On another note, had two games this past weekend and won both. First one 2-1 and second 3-0. Scored the first goal in both games and it was a sick header in the second game. Then I got a straight red card in the second half for punching a guy in his side. It was because he elbowed me after the play so I hit him and the ref saw but we both got reds. My coach was pretty heated though haha

And I'm going home Thursday for Easter which Im pretty pumped for. Since I wont be able to go home all summer, my mom got me a ticket to go home for Good Friday since we got that off


  1. Like you said its your blog write what you want. It sucks that it's going down like it is but not everything works out perfectly all the time. Great job in your matches though! I haven't played soccer in years...unless you count FIFA on 360 then it's weeks. Haha. Good luck with your season, let me know if you ever make your way midwest. 

  2. I like your attitude in the situation bro, just brush it off and move on. No need to deal with low stuff like that, you're definitely the bigger person and much props for that.

  3. Socrkid: There's a sense of betrayal in this, altho I expect that word is too harsh -- I just can't think of another. Whether you feel like you've been played or fooled, it's just unsettling -- even though you two were not in a declared relationship, I don't know, it just doesn't feel right but I'm having a hard time adequately describing things.

    I think you have a reason to be upset, not angry, but upset that your trust in him was not honored. At the same time without declarations of being in a real relationship, the expectations get really fuzzy.

    I'm glad you are moving on and learned from the experience.

  4. Wow. I thought they cancelled my soap operas. Haha. I'm not surprised ECCC Cheated/had sex with FRATSTAR. He is hot from what he writes on his blog. ;). What I'm shocked about is how you both got played by the same freshman. Small world. I hope you got tested. Seems fratstar ran to the hiv exam, maybe you should go as well. I agree with you, you don't need an explanation. You need a drink! You will laugh about this someday.

    PS- don't get kicked off the team, I want to read your story on outsports. Haha! We can not have an outing if you are on the bench with a red card.

  5. that sucks man... but on the up note, you come out of it knowing who the douche is.
    make sure to always use protection though. I read blm friday post and it was dumb to not use a condom.

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! Your mom is awesome!
    Congratulations on your goals...hopefully a sign of things to come in the fall!
    What kind of teams are you playing against? I know you mentioned minor league teams, but if I were your coach I would be worried less about red and yellow cards and more concerned about my players being injured. Or mugged. Glad you're standing up for yourself, and hopefully the rest of your spring games go better.
    Finally, this summer, I hope you get the opportunity to meet gay people who are professionals, of all ages, and who will impress you with their wit and intelligence. Mr. Right is out there for you (and he will be one very lucky guy!). Take Care!

  7. ECCC & FratStar sound like gay drama. There is nothing more powerful than gay drama. The tsunami in Japan was probably caused by a 30 year old gay relationship breaking up. It happens. We all just try to duck and cover when it does.

  8. Speaking of drama, you've been getting physical in those soccer matches. Yellow cards. Red cards. You will be the team's bad boy soon. ;-)