Saturday, April 28, 2012

i passed!

well i will officially starting grad school classes in the fall now! in order to get into my schools grad school program, I had to make a 450 and I barely squeaked by with a 480 haha. that test is pretty difficult since you cant use a calculator and its all math from 8th grade and high school (which during those years, I relied heavily on other people if you know what i mean haha) I basically just retaught myself all the math within a week before the test. Its been a pretty big ass weight lifted off my shoulder and we celebrated it very well.

the Wednesday night of when I passed, me and my roomy then my roomy for next all went to dinner then to see Think Like a Man. that movie was maddd funny. I fuckin love Kevin Hart and i think he is a great comedian and he is a decent actor. if you havent seen it, check it out even though its not the typical comedy. its a certain type of humor that me and my roomy love.

Thursday we out to a club as an end of the year celebration with the whole team. it was a real solid time. almost my whole team was there and there was a bunch of kids from school that were there as well. its a decent size club but it was packed wall to wall. kind of just posted up at this spot at the bar with my boys as girls came by. on the way back, we stopped at mcdonalds which is standard cause it taste soooo good when your drunk. got some nuggets then headed home. we got pulled over and it was my car but luckily didnt get a ticket. i wasnt driving but the kid was speeding and kind of talked the cop out of it.

Friday night we went to a gay club. it was somehting ive been meaning to do and i brought it up earlier in the week and the guys wanted to go so bad so we did. it was me, my roomy, my roomy for next year, then the senior on the team that knows, and the only girl at the school that knows (the girl that wanted the threesome with me and also who my roomy smashes all the time). it was a fun time but wasnt really what i was expecting. the place was big but not many people. maybe like 40 peolpe tops and they were all pretty old and very flamboyant. i got 2 numbers that night with the help of my friends being the wing-man. one was a guy and the other was a girl though haha. during the night, we saw the drag show and my friends were loving it! like the queen walked around the room as people gave money to him. so my friends like surrounded me and as the queen got close to me, like let him come to me and gave me money to give to him. got kissed twice on the cheek by two seperate queens haha overall it was a good time and i dont know about heading back though. my friends said they want to go next semester though

then saturday we kind of recovered and started studying cause right now is finals week. been pretty stressed out cause i had two tests yesterday and had one today which completely fucked me. it was estate tax and it was crazy hard. tomorrow i got money and banking then friday got philosophy of business. cant wait til friday though being done with school. also moving into my place for the summer which i start my internship monday! nerovous but excited about that

thats about it though...hope things are good with everyone!


  1. Socrkid: Another piece of the puzzle falls into place, congrats on passing your GMAT. Everything seems to be working out, the internship, the grad school -- I have to believe that accepting yourself about being gay over the last couple of years has allowed you to focus on these other things rather than worry about your sexuality. I tend to think if you had still been struggling with that, you could not focus as well on school and soccer, and well, just living life, because all that internal strife would sap your energy. I'm so glad you found yourself and just ran with it one you came to accept and embrace your true self.

  2. Congrats on passing your test! GMAT sounds like a gang name lol Sounds like someone had a fun weekend, keep up the good work man

  3. what are you going to study in grad school?

  4. Congrats man thats awesome! Hope your finals go well.

  5. So now my official congrats! ;-)

    Are you and your roomy (the one and only!) parting ways then? Different plans for the future? Or is the 'roomy for next year' just joining you guys?

    haha dragqueens, not my kind of fun but anyways. Cool your friends went with you. Never had any straight guys (or girls) joining me on a gay party. But wasn't that the wrong kind of gay party to go to? I mean, aren't there places with younger people, like gay student parties or something? With possible boyfriend or gay friend material present... seems more fun to me.

    Good luck with your finals, although I guess you're done by now? Damn me for being late, lucky you for being done!

    Take care man! And kick ass doing your internship!

  6. LOL at the gay club thing.

    I know what you mean about them; they're not exactly the type of place I enjoy too much either.
    Flamboyance isn't exactly my style.

    Really cool blog dude. I just found it now but I like what I see.

  7. Sounds like you've been real busy man! Glad everything is going well! Keep on keepin on, take it easy buddy!