Monday, April 16, 2012

a lil soccer update and a big goal

Not to much new as of lately besides being done with a very busy two weeks of school and training. Had so many tests and homework assignments all at once on top of doing 6 am workouts (because of punishment of teammates fuckin up) and our normal training/lifting schedule. Waking up so early then going to bed so late really takes a toll on the body. This past week I was sore and just exhausted the whole time.

This past weekend we had two games (kind of). During our spring season, we are only allowed 5 playing days for games due to NCAA rules and due to this, we schedule games where we double up and play shorter half's. Because of this, we normally play two 60-minute games instead of the full 90 minutes...This past weekend, we played two games against two D-1 opponents here in NC. The first game we played the team who won the national championship last semester and did pretty well against them. We lost 2-1 but it was kind of bullshit. I scored our goal (which was a pretty sick feeling scoring against the former national champs), then they scored like 10 minutes later off a freekick where our goalie just dropped the ball off a routine save. Then they scored with like 5 minutes left. It was a real even game and we only played 45 minutes total so I think we could of done better if we played longer. They said they only wanted to play 45 minutes cause they were short players when they had like 26 players with them and we only had 14 haha Our team is struggling with injuries and kids that left. The second game we tied 1-1. We were up 1-0 then the other team scored in the last 2 minutes to tie it. I guess overall it was a solid experience and took a lot from it. I was so sore yesterday though. (also I didnt get into any fights or get any cards which was solid)

And right now Im about to take a nap haha. Only 8:15 in the morning and about to pass out til noonish. Had our last 6am workout then got breakfast and dont have anything until 3 which is lifting. I only need to study for the GMAT which I set my test day for April 25th so just over a week (fuckin super nervous)


  1. Looks like you got some mad skills after all and her I am thinking Americans don't know to play football!
    Ever planning to play in EPL? (Like the Munez character in the Goal movie)

    N best of luck on your GMATs

  2. Socrkid: Haha, a nap at 8:15am? What a good life you got going. So no yellow or red cards this time huh? Hmmm, your bad boy image is going to take a hit. Save all that passion for the bedroom.

    Good luck on your GMAT exam.

  3. study hard for that gmat good luck man!

  4. Good on ya for making the goal against the national champs man!

    As for the GMAT, power of the mind man, just remember that.

  5. Congrats on your goal! I hope you're able to get more sleep as the semester comes to a close. Oh, and good luck on the GMAT'

  6. I get a message you pass. Then you pull it down. Im guessing you pass your class. Congrats.