Thursday, November 17, 2011

it's not all about sex pt.2

It's not really part 2 but couldn't really think of a catchy title so I opted for that haha...

Well, I dont know where to start so I guess I will say I met up with the blogger again...twice... And both times were better than the previous. We still didn't have sex (even though he wanted too haha) and the times were fantastic. Its awesome just relaxing and being yourself with no worries about having to censor what you say/how you act. Its different than being around a straight friend and Im not sure why. Maybe because the guy likes dick as well so we think similarly or it might be because I like him or it could be both.

This happened last Thursday and Friday. We were at our conference tournament and we were staying in a hotel about 45 minutes from his school. I talked to him about possibly meeting up and it worked out. He came over to my hotel about 9:30 at night cause we had a banquet earlier in the night. I was rooming with my roomy here at school and he also knows. So I told him that I was having a visitor and explained the situation so he was cool with it. The kid was nervous being that he hasnt actually been around people he didnt know that knew about him or even be around people that knew in general. And I was nervous that I was actually introducing a guy to a friend of mine.  But he came up and met my roomy and we just chilled and talked for a while. Watched a movie and eventually I texted 2 other guys that know about me to come meet him. They both knew about the kid because they've seen me texting him and they are always asking questions and stuff about the situation. So they came down and we all just chilled talking about random stuff for about 2 hours. We were supposed to have lights out at 11 but we ended up going to Wafflehouse cause we were pretty hungry. It was so chill with the guys knowing about me actually meet a guy and be around me when Im with another dude. It was defiantly a good feeling and really wish its always like that.

But we got back from Waffle house and headed back to the room. It wasn't expected that the kid was going to stay the night cause  I had a game the next day but he did. And Im super glad he did. That was the first time for me to sleep with a guy and it was defiantly a good feeling and I loved it. Its a feeling that I cant describe but I wish it happened more often than it does. We did some things before fallin a sleep but that wasnt the highlight of the night. Sex or whatever isnt too big for me I guess. I like to cuddle and just lay with the guy. Yeah playing with each other is fun but idk, i like the sense of being with the guy more. (soft or gay i know, but thats how i am haha). So in the morning, I walked him to his car and we did the a goodbye kiss :)

So the next day, we had our game but lost. We stayed the night and were gonna travel back to school in the morning so took the opportunity and invited the kid over again. So he did and this night was just as good. Slept together again and just hung out at night. Talked some more, watched tv, and just chilled. This time was funny cause we fell a sleep without getting off and when we woke up, we were pretty horny and started playing around. I had to be down at breakfast pretty soon but that didn't stop us. And right when I was cumming, my roomy that was supposed to stay with me, was knockin at the door to come in cause he stayed with someone else haha I was like 'oh fuck, we need to hurry' He got off pretty quickly as well then we rushed to the bathroom so we could clean up. I opened the door with cum on my stomach and completely naked but kind of hiding from within the bathroom but luckily my roomy left haha So we showered pretty quickly and then we had to say our goodbyes. We took the elevator down together and did the goodbye kiss. Couldnt walk him out cause my teammates were already down there eating.

Overall it was fuckin awesome to get to chill again with the kid. I really do enjoy the time we spend together and hope it can continue. He said he would come visit me at school but that has yet to happen haha its just we are both pretty busy so it kind of sucks. Hopefully it happens though :)


  1. Awesome! Really happy for you to continue seeing the kid, it sounds like perfect boyfriend material (both of you haha).

    That's the big difference between a 'hookup' to get off, and a 'date' with someone you're really into his personality; it makes you almost forget about the sex (well almost lol). When I met my bf it lasted untill the fifth date (or even later, I forgot about that) we got naked, before it was just some kissing, cuddling and fondling, wich we really enjoyed. And that wasn't caused by prudeness or something, we were just too busy talking, having fun and exploring each other.

    btw you've got a funny idea of 'no sex', cause to me giving handjobs, sucking, getting on top of each other naked and then getting off sounds like... sex! I know you're talking about fucking, but remember how long it took me to loose my V-card on that! ;) By your definition me and my bf didn't have sex for like 6 years lol

  2. Atta boy, look at you go!! I hope everything works out with this guy, he sounds like a really genuine guy.
    Hotel visits, that sounds familiar :)

  3. I enjoy your posts. What a difference from the past. I am happy for you!!

  4. Socrkid: Like Kevin, I guess you youngsters don't consider BJs/HJs to be "going all the way" sex. Saving yourself for someone special or a more special time is the way to go to build up the anticipation.

  5. sometimes its fun to just lay in bed and play footsie while getting to know each other.

  6. I'm with Kevin. By my definition, you guys have had sex, but the major incredible thing is that your "double life" is starting to become one, unified life for you. Way to go!!!

    BTW -- Sorry about the results of the game. Are you guys in playoffs? Hope you guys have a memorable season.

  7. So here's the thing: you're gay, so liking a guy and wanting to spend time with a guy and wanting to do any number things with a guy is what you are WIRED to do. It's not "gay" as in stupid, it's not soft, it's not weak, it's not feminine. It's just what you want because you are gay. Obviously you are fine with it, which is excellent, but the fact that you had to defend it worries me... only because it means there is still this thought in the back of your mind that being gay and wanting a man means you are somehow less of a man yourself. And maybe you are, but maybe you're not, and either option has nothing to do with who you sleep with.