Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another summer down, another school year ahead

Like always, this summer went by super fast. It might of been the traveling, the soccer twice a day, or the coaching that might of seem like time flew. Whatever it was, I pretty upset summer is done. I'll be back at school within the next couple of days, unpacking into my new apartment and getting ready for the upcoming soccer season. Hopefully I will live past the first couple of days of preseason being that those are the worst. Whatever I do during summer, no matter what, I still feel like shit after the 3rd day of being there. Legs are shot and I just feel exhausted all the time. All the training Ive been doing prepares me for the fitness tests, but I still get the same feeling as always. The past 2 weeks Ive been in Dallas doing a training program designed for soccer players and it works on fitness. It was by far the hardest stuff Ive ever done. Even harder than my college workouts. The first week I did it, we did two-a-days; one at 7am and the other at 330 (the hottest part of the day). And if you seen the weather in Dallas lately, its hot at fuckkkk. It seriously was awful. Hopefully that shit pays off next week. Right now Im back in Nashville just hangin out with my brother and training with a local college team. Its the school I worked the camps this past summer and Im tight with all the kids, so they said it was straight I could come out and play with them since they are back for captains practices.

To say the least, this summer has been pretty uneventful in my eyes. I literally played soccer or coached soccer everyday this summer. I mean I love soccer and all, but a lil variety would of been nice. I went out once this summer and didnt really drink cause I was driving. Pretty much hung out and played FIFA in my spare time haha Well I'm also taking an online brit lit class that blows. Its end on the 11th so Im pumped about that. Its just a bunch of busy work that I think is not necessary at all. Once Im done with this class, Im done with English with the rest of my life! pretty pumped about that

And some new jams. In honor of Big Sean dropping his album Finally Famous: The Album. straight fire too...the first song is my jam right

Well, take it easy everyone!


  1. Man I can't imagine being that active all summer! sounds like a ton of work haha but I bet your gonna kick ass if you practicing that much. I havent worked as hard as you are at something since I went to Jr Olympic qualifiers and even then I only worked out three times a week! Hope you feel your accomplished something this summer, that is always my problem haha

  2. Socrkid: You must be awesome shape with all the training over the summer. Can we see your abs? :-)

  3. Max- haha ya its been a ton of work but i love it. its all for my main passion which is soccer so its all good.

    FoC- haha eh im trying and i would show them if i had them. still workin on them hahah