Friday, August 5, 2011

using my secret in my advantage

So I'm taking an online brit lit class which blows. Its sooo much busy work and really unnecessary stuff. Like when am I ever going to have to analyze by poem by William Blake ever again? Im gonna say never. But anyways, at the very beginning of the class, we had to write about us and share it with the class. We just post what we write on a discussion board to where everyone in the class can see it. So I just wrote about my college I go to and that I grew up playing soccer. I was about to "come out" to my class in it but I didn't feel like it was necessary. I'm glad I didn't because every other day or so, we have discussion boards that we have to answer questions and a lot are about personal experiences. So every time I write, I refer to a friend that came out to me and how hard it was. Obviously this isn't true cause I dont have any gay friends. I actually just use my personal experiences to write then I just say its from my best friend thats telling me this stuff. This has been a life saver cause some of this questions are kind of hard and I would have no other references to use to answer them. So I guess me being gay has helped me somewhat haha Just got to take things and make them postive...

Take it easy everyone


  1. My deepest sympathy for enduring that class lol. Can't you analyze some lyrics from Big Sean? seems more fun!

    Well everything has his positive side, even being gay. It might make you stronger and more creative in some cases, because you have to sort of find your own way to live your life, because lack of role models. And there's no one going to have a 'headache' when you go to bed... no just kiddin for that. lol

    About your previous post, could it be that you almost didn't go out (unconsciensly maybe?) to avoid awkward situations with girls hitting on you and stuff? Anyway, if you liked your summer with all the soccer, it's good no?

  2. hahah thats awesome good idea

  3. Coming out is a never ending process. And you discovered the key - we don't have to come out to everyone every where. That choice lies with us - or at least should lie with us. One of my angriest moments was when a friend outed me in a place I felt was unsafe. But that's a story for another time.

  4. You don't know it now, but you do have gay friends. I thought I was a late-bloomer when I came out at 23. At that time, I thought I was alone in being gay. As I got older, more and more of my best friends started to bring their new boyfriends with them.

    Another unsolicited piece of advice: Every college that I know of has a gay men's rap group where a bunch of gay and bisexual men meet every week, talk about the coming out process, and then socialize with one another. If your college does not have such a group, or you are uncomfortable going to your college's group, a nearby college will have similar rap group you can participate in. I think you will find it very helpful.