Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer coming to an end

Like I promised, here is my last post of the summer. Dont really know what to say because there isnt much to say. Nothing exciting has happened lately. Tomorrow (or today since its 2 am as Im writing this) I leave for Utah. Im leaving at 7 in the morning to go see one of my best friends at college. This is the friend I was going to come out to but never did. In case if you were wondering, Im not gonna come out to him while Im there. It would be bad if I told him and he didnt approve then Im stuck in Utah alone lol I dont think that would happen but not gonna risk it. From Utah, I fly back to Texas for a day then have to drive 20 hours back to school in North Carolina :( Its such a long, boring drive to school. I would much rather fly but I need a car at school.

Uhhh, there was something I wanted to post yesterday but I forgot! If I think about it, I will blog next time about it. Sorry for a short closing post for the summer but I will be back in about 2 weeks! IF I find alone time, I will try to blog. Until then, stay safe!!

This is a song that is on my main playlist on my iPod at the moment. Its different but Im feeling it


  1. and utah is the last place you want to be stuck and out.

  2. Hope your having a blast in Utah! I absolutely love it out West. I plan on moving to AZ when I finsh college. But anyways, good luck when school starts and drive safe. Jeez I thought I had it rough with a 4 and half our drive, but TWENTY, damn thats gotta be brutal.I start Monday the 23rd, hbu?

  3. haha utah was sick and we start the 18th! what the hell!