Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Saw Inception tonight annnnnnd....it was f'in crazy!! The whole movie was just a mind trip. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone. Just make sure you pay attention the WHOLE movie!! Also there are some very good looking guys in it :)

I will post again tomorrow and that will be my last post of the summer probably :( I leave Wednesday to go see my friend at college then Im headin back to school unfortunately. Where the hell did the summer go?!! Seems like last week I just got home. Hanging with friends and working everyday just kills the time. I did have a good summer though so its all good. Hope everyone else is having a good summer and staying safe!

 Night Guys


  1. the entire theatre gasped at "the part"... you know the one haha I won't say any more. EVERYONE GO SEE THAT MOVIE!

    Last post of the summer?! Dude! Is this the friend at college u were talkin about before? Perhaps going to share some news with him if you're up to it? :) Have a kick-ass summer man, talk to you later.

  2. When I saw the preview for Inception before Ironman I really wanted to see it but now that everyone's hyping it so much I'm kinda afraid I'm going to be disappointed once I get a chance to see it...

  3. @Taylor I know the whole lead to that one part but it was a sick movie! And this is the friend I was talking about before. Not sure about spilling my info yet but I reallly want too lol and hve a great summer too! :)

    @RJ I was kind of skeptical at first but it was well worth it. I recommend it to anyone!

  4. inception wud've been a much better movie if only i hadnt slept thru a 1/4 of the fuckin movie thx to jet lag (watched it in my country here).
    n yes that eames guy was especially yummy. his lips are god-sent. wuts the actor's name again? *imdb...* tom hardy? i look forward to see more of him in future blockbuster movies.

  5. hey i like all ur post.c you on facebook.

  6. thanks man! what you mean "c you on facebook"?? lol