Friday, February 21, 2014

i'm making BIG moves!

well...all my hours of playing soccer growing up has finally paid off. it has rewarded me with the opportunity to go to college and gain an education, which i have somewhat done (haha).

i will graduate in May with both an undergrad degree in financial planning and a masters in business administration - by June 1st, i will be working.

yesterday i received a job offer from a bank that i interviewed with just this past Tuesday and today o got the final acceptance letter with all the details. i got the location that i wanted out of the 6 available cities and its nowhere near where i am right now. in fact, its the complete opposite. on the west coast in near southern California!!

i'm so pumped and i can't wait to move out there. its gonna be a crazy end to my 5th year here at school.

it's somewhat bittersweet though because just yesterday when i called my mom to tell her, she was crying. not really tears of joy either - more of sadness and pain being that i wont be returning home like she planned. my two older siblings moved back home after graduation for a few months before starting their careers. my mom hoped the same for me. it hurt and i was way sad when i hung up the phone.

today, she is more relaxed and understands its something i want. i need a bigger location with a more west coast type of mind. she is most def gonna be visiting and is becoming more excited for me which feels good.

so yeah...thought i would share that tiny bit of information for the day. haha


  1. Awsome!! Congratulations! Here's a tip though... I was born and raised in the LA area so stay the fuck out of the fast lane on the freeway if you're going to drive 65!! I will run your ass over!! Hahaha

  2. Congratulations! Make the best of this opportunity to learn and grow. While school has demands, your transition to work life now begins with a whole host of new challenges and stresses. Best wishes on future success.

  3. This is such exciting news. Congratulations on not only graduating Masters school but also landing this job in Cali! Good job homie

  4. Welcome to the "Golden State"!

  5. That's awesome man! Congratulations! Drop me a line when you come to So Cal!

  6. Congratulations. (I'm a new reader. Hello!)

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