Tuesday, February 11, 2014

i've got a gay family member.

in (somewhat) recent news, i found out that my cousin is a lesbian. the reason why i say somewhat is because i have always had a suspicion for a while. growing up she has always been more tom-boyish and she even gave the 'being a cop' thing a go. it is just up until recently that she literally has tweeted every emotion possible with one particular girl to favorite each tweet. simple detective duties - i went to the girls twitter and notice that her tweets were similar of those like my cousin who favorited her stuff.

this news wasn't publicized to my family either. it was through my aunt  (my moms sister and also sister to my aunt with the lesbian daughter who this post is about), who cemented the rumor...

this might get confusing:

but my mom called my aunt (mother of gay daughter) a few days ago to see how things were. she wanted to pick her brain about how she is feeling with the sort of new news that she learned about her daughter. its been almost 4 years since i told my mom (holy shit - i cant believe its been that long) so my mom is doing much-much better with the whole thing. she just wanted to help my aunt out a bit.

while on the phone, she pulled out my letter that i wrote to her explaining my situation. when reading it, she started crying on the phone and apparently so did my aunt. she paused at the last line and struggled for a few minutes to get it out. my mom is an emotional lady and i love her so much. i cant remember exactly what the last line read, and she even called me to tell me this and read the line to me and got chocked up. it was something along the lines of "i'm sorry for being like this but i hope you still love me." she couldn't believe i wrote that and felt so bad that i had those thoughts in my mind - that my parents wouldn't love me because of something so small.

at the time before coming out, it is how i felt and was so unsure of what might happen. my mom tells me all the time that she feels terrible for kids whose parents dont accept them. and personally, so do i. i couldnt imagine parents who wouldn't accept their kids over being gay.

anyways, in the end. more family of mine knows now and they are super cool with it. i fb'd messaged my cousin (the lesbian) and her brother about it saying that its cool they know and that its awesome that its out in the open now. my cousin the guy, goes to Mizzou so we talked about the Michael Sam thing as well. his frat is putting up a huge banner saying how they are supportive of him which is mad cool.

so yeah, i have a gay cousin now - it's pretty cool i guess. haha

and i really hope Michael Sam gets drafted cause that would be massive for acceptance.


  1. i love your posts they are always so positive. can't believe it's been 4 years since you told your parents too i think i still remember those first posts you had. crazy!

    being a lesbian and being a gay dude are such different experiences (besides the obvious stuff) and we never really think about what lesbians go through as they try to figure things out so if your cuz ever shares anything about her experience coming out share some with us.

  2. It's always reassuring to have others, especially family, that can relate deeply with your own experience. You can describe it, but it just isn't the same as feeling it. Some people tolerate us existing but it's so much better to get their outright support and acceptance.