Thursday, January 10, 2013

first post of the new year

holiday break is over. christmas was a bit wierd this year but overall was good and i'm now back at school. class started yesterday and once again, this semester will be a difficult one. for some reason though, i'm kind of excited about it though. the classes i'm taking (which are trust administration, estate planning seminar, investment/portfolio management, management of trust department, legal environment of business, and business ethics) seem like they actually might be interesting to me. looking at them in print, they clearly dont seem very appealing but from what the professors have talked about so far on the first day of class, i cant wait to get started with the material.

random thoughts...

Matt Dallas came out by saying he is engaged to his boyfriend who is apparently a musician. and before i read about his coming out, i had no idea who he was...but now, im in love with him haha the dude is mad sexy! (click his name, its a link to his google images)

Jon Hamm is packin heat down low! there have been a lot of pictures of him on the news recently and i had to google search him to check it out for myself. so if you havent seen the pics, click his name cause i linked it for your pleasure.

being back at school is different though this semester simply because my roommate, the i first person i told, is no longer at school. he graduated at the semester so it kind of sucks and its pretty different not having him around all the time. i still text him daily and yesterday we talked on the phone for an hour but its still not the same.

i've been toying around with the thought of doing some video blogs. i actually did make 2 videos during my 20 hour drive back to school (probably wasnt the safest thing ive done) but just not sure if i should post them. i hate the sound of my voice cause i think it sounds weird in videos and just not sure if i should post them haha

hope everyone had a great holiday and happy new year!!


  1. Would love to hear your voice. Post them!

  2. Dude,

    Happy NEw year.. It's M in Canada. Unless I did something wrong, both links link to the same dude?

    Anywho be strong, sorry your ex roomie isn't at college anymore. Take care.

  3. It'd be mad if you made video blogs. I was thinking about doing some last year but didn't have the balls to go through with it.

    Happy New Year btw dude!

  4. Socrkid: Sounds like a heavy load of classes you got going this semester. Power thru and make the sacrifice now and do well, and it will pay dividends in the future.

  5. @blkjack i might do!

    @M i redid the links to make sure so hopefully they work now... if not, google "jon hamm bulge" and you'll be good! haha

    @brotastic haha yeah, not sure if i do either but thanks man! hope things good with you!

  6. Awww... good luck with surviving school without the roomie. I know he means a lot to you, and I could call myself 'a little bit jealous' to the bond you two seem to have. So I hope you'll have opportunities to meet again in the future.

  7. DO IT!
    you'll only get support. Your voice only sounds funny to you. Everyone else will think you sound normal :-)

  8. Agreed, post 'em. I'd love to see. And, yes, your voice woiuld only sounds funny to you.