Thursday, July 12, 2012

skinny dippin in the ocean

this past weekend i scratched that off the bucket list. went to the beach again and it was a solid ass time. it was me, my friend that lives there (the girl), then a teammate that just graduated (was the kid in DC that i went to go see) and his girlfriend from school. she is a year younger than me and two years younger than my teammate. his gf was the odd ball out on not knowing my secret but she did end up getting told haha

we chilled all day saturday on the beach and got some sun then at night, we ended up just chillin at the condo and killed 4 big bottles of wine. we were pretty toasted by the end of the night haha it started with us just hangin out on the balcony over looking the sun setting over the beach  (not literally but it getting dark). we started playin the drinking game circle of death (or Kings cup). its where the cards are in a circle of the table and a person picks a card and each card represents something. so about 30-40 minutes pass. i think a jack was pulled and it was like the second one of the game but when its pulled, everyone puts 3 fingers up and you play 'never have i ever'. you go around in a circle saying things you havent done and try to get the others to put their fingers down. (these things are supposed to be deep secrets or just dirty funny things) well my teammate said "never have i ever sucked a big dick" and we all started laughing and the girl looked right at me and started cracking up then my teammate looked at me and started dying and said "ooohhh shittt my bad haha i didnt mean to". so it was us 3 cracking up and his gf just sitting there not knowing what the inside joke was. he said it didnt mean it and completely forgot which i didnt care since i was somewhat plannin on tell the gf anyways that weekend. but we go on to a couple more cards and then i eventually just break it down what happened. i felt bad cause my teammate was still laughing about what happened and she had no idea what was so funny. she took it awesome and had no idea and thought it was cool. after i told her, the game ended simply because we were talking about everything. after about the 3rd bottle, we were talking about anal sex, dick sizes, and just about everything else haha and it was the 4 of us talking about it. it was hilarious and such a chill night. then at like 1am we decided to go skinny dipping in the ocean. it was fuckin freezzinggg! we were there for like 20-30 minutes then me and the girl headed back to the room and left them to fuck on the beach. unfortunately, they didnt because his dick was too sandy and so was her area haha then a security guy came out and saw them so they just came back to the room. when they got back, we drove to mcdonalds and killed some nugs (chicken nuggets) haha they are so bangin when your drunk.

me and my baby


  1. Socrkid: Next time, can you wear speedos when you post a pict? You don't have to show your face -- just so we get a peak at your package and bubble butt. ;-)

  2. Haha seems like real ass time. It's always fun when straight guys/girls join a convo about anal sex and dick sizes haha... guaranteed laughter!

    Oh and sexy pic of you two, sleeping together already? ;-)

  3. Your tan is progressing nicely. Lol

  4. FoC- hahaha i dont know if that will happen, i dont have that body yet to wear a speedo

    Kevin- i've been sleeping with it (dont know what gender the ball is) since i could walk! haha

    anonymous- thanks!! it took some pain with the burn but it was worth it. its probs gonna be gone in a week though lol