Sunday, July 15, 2012

did some shoppin

since i didnt go to the beach this weekend which kind of sucked, i spoiled myself and did some major shopping. went to these outlets thats about an hour away from my place then after that, went to two other malls in the area. thought i would share what i purchased...

got me two pairs of Nike's from their outlet. they were $69 each which was a decent price i thought and since i got me a shoe fetish, i felt like i needed them haha

this was from Nike as well. pretty simple tee for $17. trying to support my country for the Olympics!

the new timepiece. an Adidas watch which i got from Fossil for $24

the two button downs (one short/one long sleeve) are both from J.Crew and only $15 each then the pocket tees are from J.Crew as well and were $13 each

    a simple graphic tee from H&M at the mall for $12

i didnt get this today but got it a couple weeks ago from Gap for $12. i wore it today though and had like 5 people say they really liked it. it was funny having so many people ask where i got it. class Bob Marley

and i didnt get this but i literally started laughing out loud when i saw this tee-shirt. it was at Gap and thought it was hilarious hahaha

i dont think i have ever spent so much money in one day. it was almost 3 days of work pay!! haha but good thing i got this internship and getting paid lol i also got me a pair of jeans from Banana Republic for $33.

i actually enojoy shopping and i guess its a gay trait of mine haha i like to look good and like to get fresh stuff at cheap prices. i make sure to get all my stuff on sale in order to save some money. if i paid full price for everything i bought today, it would of been over double of what i paid for it all.

thats about it i guess...well, i am going to New York this Wednesday to Sunday. im just going to visit and check the city out. i've never been and have always wanted to so i got 2 days off of work and bought a ticket and gonna be staying with some different friends while im there. i cant fuckin wait to explore and get lost in the city. its going to be so sick


  1. Socrkid: That is a lot of shopping -- I went on my own shopping spree the last 2 weeks: got 1 pair of dress shoes, 3 pairs of dress pants, 3 long sleeve dress shirts (Ralph Lauren -- check out the online store sale, cheaper than their outlets), 2 short sleeve shirts. In total I spent about $500. I guess the shopping gene is strong in gay guys.

    If you are going to NYC, be sure to try a real NY deli, lox and bagels, and take in a broadway show.

    So how are you doing with your summer internship?

  2. hah at least you got everything on sale. i pretty much only buy stuff on sale although at this point i've got too many clothes that i try to avoid buying more crap.

    new york is fucking awesome. it's my favorite city. you'll have a lot of fun. so much to do and it's even fun to go out during weekdays. there are some decent gay bars if you're interested in checking that out. and no sales tax on clothes if you decide to go shopping again!

  3. FoC- haha that is a solid shopping spree as well! but i do plan on trying some local things there (especially the pizza) and im not sure if ill have to do a broadway show this time. i know i do want to check one out sometime for the internship, its going okay, could be better. doing typical intern stuff but ill post about my overall experience soon.

    madmanMD-its the only way to buy stuff! but do you know of any places exactly? im actually going to meet a (gay) friend up there and we plan on going out and it would be good for some tips on where to go

  4. I, too, have only been to NYC once. Stayed in a corner room over-looking Broadway at 79th (I think it was). About a block or so off Central Park and a block or so from the Dakota. The Hotel American, I think it was called. Had a blast with my bro'. Couldn't do anything gay 'cause I'm in the closet, but had a good time. You will LOVE New York!

  5. Those shoes are fucking nice! Guys in nice workout shoes is such a turn on

  6. AVG- thanks man! and i agree completely! haha