Wednesday, July 18, 2012

forrest gump running on my mind

so instead of flying out to NY tonight, im back home, about to kick it and play FIFA. my fuckin flight got canceled haha they are having some really bad storms there right now causing power outages and stuff so they shut down the airport. it kind of sucks but things could be worse as always. just hope everyone is safe up there...

wanted to post these 2 songs since they are actually GAY related. the first is by Frank Ocean. he is a R&B artist and relatively new. i never listened to too much of his stuff before i heard the news that he came out but that was more because i just never gave the time to listen to his stuff then once i heard, it sparked an interest in me to check his stuff out. of course this was a pretty big shock to people being that he is a black R&B artist. its just not heard of really in that industry. he came out by writing on his tumblr. he also did this like a couple days before his first studio album was being released (which is called Channel Orange and its mad chill!) its been on repeat the past week since i downloaded it and one song actually is about a boy. its called Forrest Gump and it just talks about a football player he had a crush on. its simple and pretty repetitive lyrics but i like it. so here it is:

also, here is the coming out letter that he posted on his tumblr...

then the next song is from Macklemore. i dont really listen to ths stuff but a couple of my teammates do and every song i've heard has been pretty solid. i found this song on facebook because a friend posted it. pretty sick so take a listen:

well hope yall enjoy the songs and i'll be back to tell you about my NY adventures!


  1. Not really feeling the frank ocean song, though I like his music, but the other song struck a cord with me. Thanks for sharing

  2. I didn't have to work today so I did 2 things....Played FIFA and listened to the new Frank Ocean on youtube.haha

  3. Thanks for sharing the Macklemore song "Same Love". Learning the background behind the lyrics, then listening and following along to the written words, was incredibly powerful. I just posted it on my facebook page, which I can now share with others thanks to your post. Enjoy NYC and take care!

  4. damn that sucks..when is your trip rescheduled then??

    yea i was pretty surprised to hear about frank ocean. i think he's pretty brave to come out cuz the hiphop world is pretty homophobic. but i think i read jay-z and kanye west are supporting him so that's cool.

  5. Socrkid: On a different note, did you see the Chick-fil-a announcement that they are against equality. Since they believe in adhering to biblical teachings, I think they should ban divorced people, adulterers, murderers, cheaters, liars, etc. from their stores since those are all sins in the bible. But they won't -- it's all too typical, these right wingers pick and choose teachings from the bible to support their biases because clearly they are being selective and hypocrites.

  6. Dude, sucks you weren't able to get to time you get the chance, def hit it.....such a great city. Gonna be there in the next couple months myself.

    Agreed both solid songs. Also sick that there's an out black R&B artist....maybe next we'll see a rapper come out

    @fan of casey: Told him the same thing man! haha I've never eaten there myself and now real glad I haven't and won't be in the future.