Wednesday, June 15, 2011

where does the time go?

So I defiantly took a break from bloggin but it wasn't really on purpose. I've been pretty busy with soccer. Practicing twice a day then lifting some days, I've been exhausted. And I've been traveling a lot. This past month I've been to Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and some city in Mississippi and going to Orlando and Bradenton this weekend. Its a lot travel and hours on a charter which I either sleep or just listen to my iPod. Theres movies normally playing but typically they are scary and Im not a scary movie type of guy lol.

Within the past month, I've told one person. Its an old highschool friend that I havent seen a while but we talk occasionaly. I told him through a text and he was super chill about it. I knew he would be so thats why I decided just to tell him. I think his lil bro is gay and so does he but he doesnt care about it. But when I told him, he just asked a bunch of questions like what type of guys Im into, do I have a bf, am I trying to have one, just stuff like that. And I was real happy he did cause normally people dont ask that stuff right away. Also he goes to UT (University of Texas) and for those who know UT, its in Austin and Austin is very liberal. Their slogan is "keep Austin weird" so there are plenty of gay people and just different people but he invited down to stay with him and he would take me to some gay clubs lol he's a good guy and Im real glad I told him.

Since being here in Nashville, I've had no action lol Its been a while too and Im gettin to that point where I need a hookup. And not knowing anyone here makes it that much harder. I've tried craigslist but holy shit, the people on there for this city are weirrrdddd. Its awful! Like I feel there has to be other guys out there in my situation in this city. Nashville seems pretty liberal from what I've seen of it. And when I go out, I always see real good looking dudes and got mad fashion and I can never tell if they are gay or straight. I just really want to have some fun before I head back to jail (my school) lol

Thats about it I guess, I will post more often for sure


  1. Come to New York and you'll see even worse creeps and perverts on craigslist.

    Anyway its nice to know people are accepting when you tell them. Perhaps there's still hope in the world.

  2. I think you end up with the problem of a lot weird and out there people on craigslist for any city that is large enough. Also people don't know how to post in the right section. If you look at the other sections you'll notice that M4M has these problems the most.

  3. haha

    The everlasting problem for gayguys who like straightlooking guys; is he gay or not? And when I ask (which I never dared to), do I get a kiss on my mouth or can I go searching for my teeth...
    Always talking about the 'gaydar' that gay people have, I think mine is out of order (and so yours?) ;)

    Your friend seems to me like a really nice guy, keep that one close. Definitely wanted to have a friend who took me to gayclubs lol


  4. Aren't there any gay bars there you could go to? Craigslist is scary. Just go chat up a bartender and he'll introduce you around.

  5. LovelyHulaHands- ya i guess any city is gonna be like with guys. i looked at the women ones, and those are no where near as bad as the guys lol

    Anonymous- ya i looked at all them and its for sure the worst and more dirty one lol typical guys :/

    Kevin- ya my gaydar is AWFUL i guess, it would be easier if people wore signs saying what sexual orientation they are lol

    Jeff and Kevin- i dont know of any since not from Nashville and im not a club type of guy. i wouldnt mind goin though just to see what its like though

  6. good to hear about the coming out man, always feels good to bang another one outta the park. be careful with clist tho, like ppl said above, lots of creeps lol but I feel you that these dry spells suck ass (no pun intended? hahahahah)

  7. hey! glad you got a chance to update. sounds like you've been working hard at soccer though so keep it up. is there anything in particular that makes you want to tell someone you're gay or does it just kinda strike you in the moment? just curious why you decided to tell this particular friend.

    anyway as far as hooking up goes, i went to school and am originally from two major US metropolitan would think with fairly decent gay-sized populations. unfortunately there are the creeps no matter where you are, and i've had some desperate encounters i would rather forget. but sometimes if you post an ad with the right wording you can screen out the real freaks. never been a fan of responding to ads. really what i should be saying as a wiser, older guy is to just stay the hell away from craigslist, but hey, you gotta make your own mistakes haha. anyway just be careful and trust your instincts if you're talking to a guy off craigslist. i know you have enough sense to know if a situation is looking shady and if you get even the slightest feeling something's off, you're probably right.

    also i just got a smartphone so i dunno much about it yet, but you might wanna check out the grindr app for android/iphone---shows you guys in your immediate location so it could be useful if you're looking for some fast fun.

  8. TB- hahaha ya i got you and it suckkksss i just want some d lololol jk

    madmanMD- umm ya kind of just in the moment thing and if its on my mind. im just gettin to the point where i dont want to care what others think if i tell them or not and i just want to get it over with too... but ya man, clist is super sketchy and i dont like respondin to ads either. i have hooked up with one person from usin that site and it was my ad. im just want to have some fun before i head back to school...i've checked out that app and its not bad, but i dont like havin on my phone just in case someone grabs my phone without me knowing

  9. if you do come to austin email me :)

  10. bobby- haha will do buddy! not sure if i will get time this summer but hopefully i do