Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Year Down

Well half way done with college!! (depending if I get my masters but that’s undecided right now) I ended up just keeping the secret between my one roommate and me. I didn’t want the headache of telling my Jamaican roommate when I had other stuff to think about. Their culture and beliefs are a lot different than here in the states and didn’t want to argue or cause a problem between us even though I don’t think it would of happened.

It was funny though cause when I was packing my room up, I had a pink snuggie still in the box (it was my sisters from last semester and she gave it to me.) I never used it and it was under my bed all semester but my Jamaican roommate saw it and was like “hey, you got something to tell us?” cause it was us and my other roommate who already knew but we just laughed it off. Only if he really knew hahaha

Im on my way home right now but its taking a lot longer than expected cause of flooding in Arkansas. It typically takes about 20 hours but we stopped and slept last night at a truck stop and today we hit traffic cause the highway connecting Memphis to Little Rock was closed. We took a detour that took 4 hours cause of so much traffic. It sucked balls and now we wont get home til like 3am.

I cant wait to see my friends tomorrow though! And its summer time so its all goody


  1. congrats on being all done!

  2. Amazing I think from from point to point the longest drive barring motorway jams you could make in Britain is about 12 hours. All these places you are talking about I have only heard of in movies. I would love to come to America and do a road trip I would have to learn to drive first though. Hope you have a great time back home
    Dave x

  3. glad your going home an dhanging out with your friends

  4. congrats on finishing your second year. enjoy your time off...

  5. Congrats man! Whattup Junior year, I am so excited! :)

  6. Cash- Had to get all my stuff from college back cause im movin places next year. i wish i could of flew though lol

    TB-thanks bud :)

    Dave the Rave- hahah ya England os tiny compared to the states lol but its awesome driving and seeing so many different places

    James-yuh, love just chillin with my homies!

    Explorer Jack- We is me and my roommate who knows. if thats what you meant by it?

    Drew-preciate that! im defiantly gonna enjoy the enjoy

    AVG-oh same year cause it means im that much closer to bein done with school!! hahah