Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my florida trip was awesome!

So I have been meaning to write this post this past week but have been super busy with school and soccer. Now Im writing this post on the bus to another game hours away. These bus rides give me time where I have nothing else to do besides to write a post lol (sorry for the bad writing style though, just write what comes to my mind at the time)

Two weekends ago, I was in Florida for soccer and while I was there I got to meet up with a fellow blogger. We have been talking for about 3 months and talk a good amount. I was nervous to meet him just because like vid chat isn’t the same thing as face-to-face conversations but it was awesome. He is such a cool, chill, normal (gay) guy. I would never guess he was if I just saw him. But I was chilling at my hotel on our day off between our two games and texted him to see what he was up too. He wasn’t busy so I asked him if wanted to come over and go for a walk and talk. It was perfect cause my hotel was like 5 minutes from his school. So he came over and I met him outside just cause I didn’t want my teammates or anything to see us and then I would have to make up some things but we just went to talk. Found a bench where we just sat for about 2 hours talking about anything. It was crazy that we talked for that long cause it felt like it was only 30 minutes or something. Every time I talk to him, time seriously flies. I think he speeds it up cause we can talk for hours and it goes by so fast! But it was so cool to finally meet him in person and just talk. I was nervous why we were sitting there and I was shaking but it was cold too so that might of contributed to it lol Then the next day he came and watched me play against his school. I didn’t play so good which sucked and I felt bad that he was there watching me play when he could have been with his friends partying or something. I really appreciate him coming out to watch and hopefully I get to go back down there to see him in person again :)

And when I got back to my room, I had some explaining to do cause I was gone for so long. I was rooming with my teammate that I’m out too. Its awesome rooming with him just cause I’m the closest to him than anyone else on the team. Its funny cause the coach puts us together while he switches everyone else’s roommates up just cause we are always together. And it’s a joke on team that we are “dating” cause we are always next to each other. Anyways, I got back to the room and told him what I was doing cause before I left, I texted him saying I was going to talk to a friend from the area. I basically confessed to him about everything and we sat up talking for about 2 hours about what I have been through, my blogging, and just my thoughts on gays. It was such a good talk. Because after I came out to him, I didn’t really talk to him about the situation and he didn’t mention it at all. So I wanted to clear things up and tell him its all good if he asks me about it or anything. He really has surprised me how cool about everything he has been. It really has been the best 2 weeks of my life since I have told him. He understands how I feel and what I have been through to hide it for so long. He told me about another story where his dads’ best friend was gay and how it wasn’t a problem at all growing up. I seriously love this kid :) hahaha


  1. Old news man. =) Your fellow blogger told us about that get together. lol. I'm just joking with ya. I'm happy for u man tho. It's awesome your roommate know now and the way he took the news. Good luck with your game!


  2. niiiice man. i'm happy for you and glad things are working out!

  3. That's great to hear. I'm glad that you have two friends that you can talk about anything with, your roommate and the fellow blogger. Any romantic vibes with the blogger?

  4. ya it was awesome to meet him in person. he is a real cool kid but naw, no romantic vibes unfortunately ;) lol

  5. I am slacking on this post but better late then never. Meeting you was honestly one of the high lights of...this might sound creepy, but my life. You were the first gay guy I was ever able to talk to in person and exchange our life to one another. Its so cool how similiar we are, but I will admit, I was really nervous meeting you in person too!

    You were shaking like a leaf though! haha Im not that scarey, I hope. Time did go by so fast like you said! I was freaked out when I saw two hours had gone by already. And no way my friend, you speed up the time not me. I just wish we could have sat there all night and talked. I guess we will just have to meet in person again and do it all over again.

    Bahahaha green and purple stop instigating things. He was nervous enough, if I tried to pull anything, the poor kid would have fallen off the bench in a seizure. lol jk
    Im not a good vibe starter anyways...