Tuesday, October 1, 2013

check this.

here is a movie trailer that my buddy on the team sent me saying i would probably like to see when it's released - and he is probably right. i think its awesome gay topics are becoming more mainstream without the typical 'gay' connotation that is normally associated with it. it does look a bit cheesy but i'll def still see it.

this clip is about a month old but i think it's great. its an Australian government member sticking up for his beliefs in order to get reelected (i think)

i dont remember where i saw this but i thought it was pretty funny - i think our society might come to this if 'samesies' continues to grow...

here is another gay song that i guess is making its way around the internet. song is okay but i'm more interested in the guys in the video

hope everyone is doing well. i'm still suffocating from school and soccer - but i did manage to make it out to the Raleigh pride parade this past weekend since we didnt have a game. it was cool and i'll post some pics next time if i remember.


oh - and i turned 23 since my last post...fuck i'm gettin old. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these four awesome videos. Great choices, one and all.

  2. Yeah it's good gay characters are appearing in more and more mainstream series and movies. I like that so much more than the typical gay stuff. When I was a kid the only gays on tv were in Queer as Folk wich wasn't absolutely not my world and not my thing. Which made me doubt if I really was gay: yeah I liked dudes but I wasn't like that. Did I know not al guys take pills and fuck around... lol

  3. yea that movie looks corny but that guy around 1:00 is cute haha.

    thanks for the note. we'll see if any guys happen my way. i am surprised no one has taken your interest yet at school or vice versa, especially since it seems people like to talk about you hah hah.

  4. dude those were awesome vids!!! i didn't hear about that movie, really hope I can go see it in theatres here

  5. That samsies video was so funny. "....starting tomorrow!" haha