Sunday, September 1, 2013

final year of school

school is back in session and i'm already struggling. taking 18 hours with 4 of my 6 classes being grad classes and working as the soccer team's graduate-assistant coach is a little bit more difficult than i anticipated. i'm literally in class, on the field, or studying - its crazy right now. thankfully, i have only about 9 more months of it. haha

not much else is new though. i'm still single, gay, and somewhat on the brink of out and closeted.

i do though, have a real life gay friend now. a kid in my major came out to me 2 weeks ago. he is one that i highly suspected of being gay before he told me and it's pretty obvious to everyone but its just unspoken. of course i didnt mind and its kind of cool to have someone who understands everything. we've talked a few times about it all and we have similar views about the whole gay thing. something that came up during our last talk was that apparently he knew about me before i told him (and i actually just told him about a month ago during summer when i visited him in atlanta).

i guess i would of thought that the people that i told wouldnt be so open about my secret. apparently a girl that i told, ended up telling others and around my school, things spread pretty quickly. i found out that a good amount of people that i dont even know, know about me now. at first when my gay friend told me this, i was upset but im already over it. its whatever now.

hope everyone is doing well though


  1. Good luck man, yeah I feel ya about school. It can be really overwhelming and draining.

  2. Hang in there for the last year - it's like the final stretch in a race. As for losing control of your truth. It is scary and a bit of emotional violence. Yet it is also the risk of coming out. That others, who should know better, will blabber. Be confident in yourself and the blabber won't be as worrisome.

    1. yeah, that is true. i guess im at the point where i dont care as much. if it happened sooner like right when i came out, then it would of been a lot worse - but now, its just a long stride for the last stretch haha

  3. Good luck with your school and I assume what seems to be some drama. But I hope you finish strong!

  4. nice to hear an update from you. i figured you had been too busy to blog, but always good to get the news in your life.