Thursday, February 21, 2013

Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness is a TV series on USA but last night was the season finale. (i think there will be a season 2 though). i found out about the show just last week but i seem to have to caught the most important 2 episodes of the whole season, or at least the ones that pertains to me.

overall, its about a professional football organization and their sport psychiatrist that deals with the inter-workings of the team. it has the relationships, action, and other appealing things about TV shows these days. the part that i thought was cool, was that the QB of the team, was a closeted man his whole life and had a boyfriend, and just last weeks episode, decided to tell the psychiatrist because it was mentally draining him which was hurting his performance on the field. then in the final episode, he wanted to publicly come out (which he did of course after the cliche heroic football performance to win in the last seconds).

it was awesome to see him overcome the hatred in the locker room when it was being talked about and how he had teammates back him up when he needed it. the crazy thing when i was watching the show was, it almost made me cry. it gave me that distinct feeling inside of when i get upset. it brought back so many emotional memories of being in the closet with no one knowing the full me (though im still not fully out). he described all the loneliness and pain he has suffered throughout the years of his friends and family not knowing. i could relate dead on with the whole team sport aspect and just the feeling of complete isolation within the locker room.

i sure hope they make a second season because i want to see the progression of him personally and how society takes a professional athlete as coming out as gay. if yall havent seen it, i recommend it. check the listing on the USA website of Hulu or something like that. it was a real cool show though.

also, check this song. been bangin it all day since i heard it this morning.



    i think this article makes quite a lot of sense

    also, very dope track

    1. yeah, that was a good article. but check out their whole cd, MoM & Dad, its super chill